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Amazing destinations near Bangalore for family vacation

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Hogenakkal: It is a beautiful village situated in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu famous for its breathtaking waterfalls. Located at just 180 km from Bangalore, the place is frequented by families, students and young professionals throughout the year. The spectacular Hogenakkal waterfalls is often referred to as the Indian version of Niagra falls. Many romantic songs in Bollywood and regional movies are shot with the backdrop of Hogenakkal falls.



It's amazing to witness the Cauvery river cascading down and hitting against the rocks, giving out a continuous roaring sound. After flowing through a plain terrain, the Cauvery river suddenly drops off from a huge cliff onto granite boulders, thus creating a series of continuous waterfalls. The wonderful spectacle of waterfalls at Hogenakkal is spread over an area of 1 km. The heights of the waterfalls vary from 50 to 150 feet. There's is a lovely island in Hogenakkal where the tourists can enjoy beach volleyball, ayurvedic massage, and delicious fish fries.


Belur: It is a famous historic town located on the banks of Yagachiriver in the Hassan district of Karnataka. It is known for the 11th century Chennakesava temple, which is visited by tourists from all over the world to witness the brilliant craftsmanship of Hoysala architecture style.


The ancient structures and monuments belonging to the medieval era, are often compared with the sculptures at Khajuraho. The wonderful structures are built with light green soapstone and intricately adorned with ivory and sandalwood carvings. KappeChennigaraya temple is another classic depiction of exquisite Hoysala architecture. Rock carvings on the walls of the temple highlights the stories from the Mahabharata, Ramayana and the Upanishadas. Other prominent temples in and around Belur are Veeranarayana Temple, Hoysaleswara temple and Kedareshwara temple. Belur is a must visit for history buffs and people who want to learn about our marvellous ancient era. It lies at a distance of 220 kms from Bangalore and can be reached within 5 hours. Rent a cab in Bangalore for a convenient journey.


Bandipur national park: Situated at 230 km from Bangalore off the Bangalore-Ooty highway, Bandipur national park draws large number of visitors mainly due to a fair possibility of spotting the elusive Royal Bengal Tigers. The reserve has a sizeable population of tigers and their sightings during forest safari is not rare. It is very popular among wildlife enthusiasts and professional photographers. You can book a taxi in Bangalore to visit this beautiful place.


Bandipur National Park is spread across an area of 874 square kilometers and provides shelters to several species of India's endangered wildlife. It is home to animals like tigers, Indian elephants, gaurs, muggers, sloth bears, Indian rock pythons, dholes, four-horned antelopes, jackals, deers, and many other mammals, amphibian and reptile species. A wide variety of birds and butterflies can also be spotted in this reserve forest area.


Hampi: This place is known for the some of the finest rock cravings in India dating back to the medieval era. Located at 343 km from the Bangalore city, it is a popular place for family vacation. Hampi was the capital of the Vijaynagar Empire in the 14th century and boasts of several spectacular architectural sites that were crafted to perfection. Hampi's attractions include ancient temples, wonderful palaces, rock and stone-carved structures of various sizes and shapes. While exploring Hampi you will find sculptures at every turn and a story behind its existence. Make sure to visit popular sites like Virupaksha temple, Vittala temple, Royal enclosure palace, Hemakuta Hill temples. Lotus Mahal and Sugreeva’s cave.


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