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Denver’s Downtown Aquarium – A Must Visit While In Denver

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Recently I had the opportunity to visit Colorado State and my travels brought me to Denver. A few of my friends and relatives who have been to Denver always spoke about the Downtown Aquarium and praised it to high heavens. I was waiting for my chance to visit Denver and the iconic Downtown Aquarium to check if the place was praiseworthy or not.


To be fair to my friends and relatives, I can surely say they were right. This place is really worth visiting and you should visit with family and friends to make it a memorable experience. There are many aquarium exhibits here and first I visited the North America exhibit. Here it was a great learning experience to know about the various habitats the aquatic creatures live in. There were many fishes and invertebrates here, which I did not even know existed.


Then I visited the Desert habitat. I was thrilled to learn about the animals living in the desert and how they adapt to the heat. Following which I moved to an exhibit known as ‘At The Wharf.’ This is a place where you find waves and you can experience the tide going in. You can watch animals move below rocks and also some that swim with the tide. I also viewed a tiger up close. There are many other exhibits too and due to time constraints I had to go to a show known as Mystic Mermaids.


This show is totally WOW. Women dressed as mermaids enthral the audience with their deft moves. The show is aimed at inculcating good habits in children and makes them learn the importance of recycling as well as the need to conserve our natural habitats.


After the show I was famished and I headed to the restaurant. Truth be said, it was one of the better dining experiences that I ever had. I was made to sit in a table that allowed me to view the 50000 gallon aquarium with its wonderful aqua species. Beautiful and colourful fishes from the tropical seas can be seen circling while you partakeyour meal. I was lucky to view a diver diving into the tank and feeding the fish. The feeding frenzy is a scene that needs to be seen to be believed. The food in the restaurant is also first class and I loved the fish on the menu.


After the visit to the Downtown Aquarium I had to rush to New York due to a business related emergency. Since I had travelled by car, I had no other option but to use the DIA Airport Parking added service to park my car for a few days while I travelled to New York and returned. After taking care of business at my New York office, I wanted to relax and I thought that another visit to the Downtown Aquarium would be ideal. Hence, within a week I visited Denver’s Downtown Aquarium twice and I am planning to sing its praises to one and all.


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