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Spring in Seattle

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Seattle is a special place to visit, especially in the spring. The mild weather encourages Seattleites to venture out and experience the joys of a rich and vibrant city full of culture and surrounded by exceptional natural beauty.


Seattle International Film Festival

Immerse yourself in the art of cinema and discover films from around the world. Over the years SIFF has introduced dozens of world premieres and hundreds of American premieres. SIFF has grown to become the biggest film festival in the country because of the wonderful community. Listing the films showing over the weeks is not the important thing - the excitement comes from the possibility of seeing that lone, unforgettable film that never screened anywhere else. The excitement comes from the possibility of having your question answered by the director in the Q&A session following the screening. Theaters across the city and now the region participate and offer films of all genres, in all languages, from all countries. Sometimes you can see the world premiere of a film that goes on to win Oscar gold - see Braveheart in 1995.


This is the sense of community that allows SIFF to thrive - a festival that celebrates poetry in motion, a festival that allows you to experience elation, joy, frustration, even rage on any given night. Go to a cineplex to escape from life for two hours, go to SIFF to see something possibly unlike anything else, anywhere. SIFF is best not described, only experienced.


Opening Day of Boating Season

Every first Saturday in May is the official start of Seattle's boating season. The Seattle Yacht Club has made Opening Day one of the largest regional celebration of water and spring in the nation. Experience a parade of boats, big and small from a viewing area, either on land or on a friend's small boat. In 2007 a giant floating head of Elvis won the prize for best-decorated vessel. Seattle's Opening Day is a perfect example of what makes Seattle unique; a fusion of retro-hop that simultaneously celebrates the city's storied maritime history while giving Seattleites an outlet for a mainstream kind of wild on what is almost inevitably a sunny, cloudless day with a perfect view of majestic Mount Rainier.


Moisture Festival

Three weeks, multiple venues, and the occasional seven foot clown make the Moisture Festival something not to be missed. Comedy/Variete is an impressive mix of assorted entertainment, seamlessly blending highly skilled performances mixed with unusual, often humorous talents. Presented as a variety show, each artist or act performs a routine within a short 3-15 minute window accompanied by a live band. The Moisture Festival encourages contemporary creativity and at the heart of this theatrical adventure is the Seattle community. The talented artists present a high energy show featuring awe-inspiring acts mixed with comedy and no show is ever the same making each show fresh, exciting, affordable, and fun for audiences of all ages.


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