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Packing for a Rafting Tour – What Are The Important Things to Bring

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Outdoor activities are fun and exciting because you have to deal with nature and unexpected elements that are out of your control. However, you can bring things that will help you deal with harsh elements such as the damaging ultraviolet rays. Whether you are going out for a single day or multi-day rafting tour, it is very important to bring all the essential things to make your experience safe, and worthwhile.



Rafting On Your Own

When planning to go rafting on your own, the things you need to bring are lotion, good river shoes, extra plastic bags for wet clothes, a small ground blanket, camp slippers, duct tape, Vitamin C supplements, personal mug or cup, and a sarong. All these things will prove to be very helpful once you are in the camping location after rafting all day. For example, you need sunblock lotion or any type of sunscreen so you can protect you skin from the carcinogenic rays of the sun. You also need to bring a dose of Vitamin C so you can strengthen your immune system, especially if you are not going to sleep long during the night. The small ground blanket, on the other hand, is essential because it has many uses such as a mat for your stretching exercises and as a blanket to sit on whenever you feel like enjoying the great view of the surroundings. The rest of the things mentioned also have their respective uses that are very essential to any rafting tour.


Rafting with a Commercial Outfitter

Another way to embark on a rafting tour or trip is to join a credible commercial outfitter. When you do this, you don’t have to worry about the long list of things that you have to bring. You will have a shorter list because the outfitter will provide many of the items such as drink, food, all of the rafting equipment, and others. When joining a commercial tour, you can classify the things to bring into three groups or categories. These are the things you need to wear while on the river, things you need to take while on the raft, and the things you need to wear after the rafting trip.


While on the river, you can wear clothing items according to the weather condition. During cool, cold or rainy weather, you must wear wool or synthetic socks, snug, thin and warm hat, synthetic long sleeves and layers, a long and synthetic underwear layer, waterproof and windproof jacket, and waterproof and windproof pants. It is very important to avoid wearing items that are made of cotton because these become cold when wet. During warm weather, you have to wear sunglasses that have a retainer strap, a hat that has a brim so you can have face protection from the sun, a quick-dry bathing suit and shorts, a synthetic shirt for sun protection and warmth, sturdy footwear such as waterproof hiking boots, sneakers, and some sandals with straps. Avoid wearing flip-flops and clothing items made of cotton.


So, when thinking of the important things to bring, it’s best to consider whether you are going on a rafting tour on your own, or joining a commercial outfitter so you may bring the correct essential items.


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