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4 Must-Try Restaurants When in Port Vila

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Whenever you travel somewhere, one of the top things that you need to consider is the food in that certain place. Dining is an essential part of each of your travel experience. Aside from the attractions and activities you are going to do, you also need to consider the food that you are going to eat while having your vacation.



Apparently, Vanuatu is a must-visit travel destination for everyone. This stunning archipelago nation has a lot to offer to visitors of all kinds. If you are looking for a place to unwind and spend your holiday to, then this island is perfect for you. There are available affordable flights to Vanuatu from Melbourne which you can book right away. Your stay here will definitely one for the books, for you will enjoy every moment with your family or friends.


Port Vila is the capital of Vanuatu and is often regarded as diners' paradise. This tiny downtown is home to various markets as well as outstanding restaurants. Don't miss out on the chance to discover great-tasting food and different types of cuisine when you set foot to this impressive island.


Hence, here are some of the best restaurants that you need to try when in Port Vila:


Tamanu on the Beach

Known as one of the most beautiful areas in Port Vila, Tamanu on the Beach is a perfect place for all people from across the globe. It overlooks the majestic South Pacific Ocean. This open-air restaurant offers gourmet dining, where the menu includes fresh seafood and local organic meat. Additionally, the Lobster Mornay is Tamanu's signature dish, so don't forget to order it when you are here.


Tilly's Restaurant & Bar

Situated in the heart of Port Vila, Tilly's Restaurant & Bar is one of the top restaurants that offers remarkable Vanuatu cuisine. The chefs here prepares the food with absolute best and use fresh seasonal produce to cook delectable dishes. Definitely, it is an ideal place to have a romantic dining at the beachside or water's edge with the love of your life.



After more than 40 years, L’Houstalet is still famous for its uncommon French creations, such as garlic snails, flying fox, and wild pidgeon. This establishment is perfect for those wanting to taste French cuisine at an affordable price. Though L’Houstalet does not have a stunning view, unlike the other restaurants in Port Vila, still it offers appetizing food, including pizza, pasta, and steak.


Chill Restaurant & Bar

Enjoy eating mouth-watering seafood at a good price at Chill Restaurant & Bar. This restaurant is a great spot for lunch with your whole group. With its incredible view over the harbor side, you will absolutely have a fantastic lunch.


Overall, Port Vila has some of the award-winning eateries that you need to try when you travel here. Eating scrumptious food is always a brilliant idea, so better include these restaurants mentioned above in your list when visiting the beautiful Port Vila. Surely, you won't regret spending your money on great food while having your vacation here.


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