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Charming B&B in Tuscany

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When you choose for your vacation a B&B, you do it first of all to avoid the usual city hotels often identical and totally cold and impersonal. A B B is rather often a place where you are greeted by staff of the place who loves the hospitality industry and is dedicated body and soul to such a demanding than rewarding profession.



In Tuscany there are great number of charming B&B that offer their customers dream location to relax and spend days in contact with nature. Ideal for those who want a simple accommodation option, which allows you to visit the villages in the area without being tied to the half or full board, with a B&B you can enjoy breakfast with local produce and be amazed by the incredible flavors of a land rich in tradition.


An interesting charming B&B in Tuscany is definitely La Chiusa dei Monaci, a building with tiledfloors and woodenbeamsthatperfectlyunitesancient and moderntimes with stoneelements, large rooms and a fitness area for thosewhowant to keep in shapewhile on vacation . The rooms, four in all, are furnished in Tuscan style with views of the surrounding garden.


Among the hills of Pisa we find La Pecora Nera, one charming B&B with just three rooms named after three prominent women: Eve, Froda Kahlo and Eleonora D'Arborea, synonymous of progress. The rooms are very spacious so you can have in your room a beautiful hot tub to make your holiday even more luxurious.


Thought to be a place to enjoy nature and be part of it, the owners of La Pecora Nera wanted to adopt a totally eco-friendly approach not only offering healthy food produced in the territory of origin but also offering a courtesy line in the room with soaps milk and olive oil.


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