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5 Types of Accommodation Facilities That You Can Avail

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Accommodation is one of the important factors that come to mind when you think of travelling. This is the main criteria that matters for every person as nobody wants to land himself up into a mess while he or she is travelling. All we want is that the accommodation that we are going to stay for the next few days instead of being in homes should be clean, safe and secure, well organized and well managed. It should not be messy at all. We also look to the services that will make it a better option stay in.


There are several kinds of accommodation facilities that one finds while going on a holiday. If you are planning a holiday, we suggest you be careful and know in details from the respective accommodation providers. The places are hotels, guest houses, lodges, resorts, serviced apartments, etc. In this article, we have provided some common details to let you know about the accommodation facilities.



It is the most common type of accommodation. It has a big reception area. The rooms are built opening a hallway. The restaurant, parking and other facilities attached to it are there for the access of the public. Several services, such s room services are available for the guests.


Serviced apartments

These are much akin to the hotels. The point of difference is that they large much larger that the congested hotel rooms. One finds rooms, living areas and kitchens in the apartments. The kitchen is the unique feature that allows a person to cook his or her own food saving the extra expenses of lunching and dining out. All other services are like the hotels. For example, the Apartments Kensington is given out for both longer and shorter stays.



A guest house is often a private residence that has been converted into accommodations available for the guests. The public areas are available for the use of the guests. The owner of the property lives either on the property but in a separate place or off-site. They also provide meals for the guests.



Lodges are built in such a location that they are close to nature. The building style of includes uses of natural materials such as stones, thatch, and wood. One gets a homely comfort while staying in these accommodation houses.



It is a collection of spread out single or double storey buildings. These are quite similar to the hotels with a wide range of facilities to offer. These are given put on rents or time sharing.


Thus, this information might be helpful to you in choosing the right type of accommodation. For a better experience, you can choose to stay in the Apartment in Kensington for the good services they provide.


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