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Your Questions Answered by ValueMags

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It is often that questions and concerns aren't properly answered online finds ValueMags. The innovative marketing company for magazines has found that some of the questions that have been rising for consumers have not been appropriately addressed which is what they would like to take the time to do now.


A situation that ValueMags has come across multiple times is that of someone who is receiving their magazine subscriptions but has never ordered it. This frequent complaint is happening more and more often and ValueMags is concerned that it is giving them a bad image. Naturally, individuals receiving the magazines are outraged that the company may have their contact information and their addresses.


In fact, one of the following two situations is occurring:


1.  The individual has subscribed or ordered an item for another company online which is partnered in wth ValueMags. This means that with their order, they got a ValueMags magazine. What is important to know is that the subscription or magazine will not auto-renew. In other words,t he client will never get the magazine again unless they order from a partnering company again where it will be included in the delivery.


Note that all of ValueMag’s magazines are free so if and when you receive one, you have not been charged. Therefore, there is no bill that comes with the subscription for or order form. The company will never ask you for your billing information. The way ValueMags make their money is not by you ordering the magazine. It is through the publishing companies that pay them to put the magazines up online for them and build a marketing campaign.


2.  If you are receiving billing, call the publisher of the company right away. It is not from ValueMags and if there is any ValueMags association, you are encourage to let the company know so they can track companies falsely using their name.

ValueMags clientele may be the publishers but they still have no success with subscriptions. Contact the company for more information about what their process entails and what they can do to help you with questions or concerns.


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