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If you go to Barcelona, you need to try Vesping. With Vesping you have the fantastic chance of driving a Vespa while you witness the charms and culture of the city. There is no doubt about it: if you can do one thing in Barcelona, do this and you will discover all the secrets of the city in the most fun way. Forget the typical transport and live an unforgettable experience in all senses! Trip Advisor considers the second most interesting activity to do in Barcelona, so what are you expecting?


The great thing about Vesping is that it offers a lot of different alternatives, so you can always find the most suitable option for you. The most famous one is the City Tour, where you can enjoy all the magical catalan views and visit the hotspots. After finishing the tour, you can keep your Vespa to get 20% discount on the GPS rental fee. The GPS Tour is a tour guided by a GPS Satellite Navigator and can be customized with the places where you want to go.


If you travel in group (whether you are 5 or 50) you can choose between the Barcelona Private Guided Tour with Vespas or the Van experience. Yes: Vesping also offers the possibility to get around Barcelona inside an emblematic and vintage vehicle!


Besides all of that, in their web page they have a blog that gives a lot of information about what happens in Barcelona and talks about the best restaurants, museums, expositions, etc. If you are thinking about going to the catalan capital, you can check there what to do and see and take a chance on Vesping.


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