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Getting Social About Your Trip

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Prior to social media, the most vacationers could provide about their trips was typically through telling friends and family about their adventures, along with some coveted photos to tell the story.

Flash forward to when the Internet came to age a few decades ago, along with the advent of social media, and you have a whole new means of describing your travels to those around you, not to mention complete strangers.

Whether you are planning a tour around the U.S., maybe catching some of the fabulous cities of Europe, perhaps taking a vacation to Brazil, maybe even a cruise around the world, social media allows you to spread the word, both through language and imagery.
While there are many positives in doing just that, you also need to practice a little bit of safety, making sure the wrong crowd is not learning about your trip.

So, do you plan to get social about your trip?

Spreading the Word of Where You Are or Went
So that you can make your trips ones to remember, it is perfectly fine to get social about them. That said do it in a way where you are not exposing yourself, your family, and even your property to potential trouble.

For example, if you are planning a trip to Brazil in February for the well-known Brazilian Carnival, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you will probably be gone for at least a week.

In doing so, they know that your (perhaps your family too) will be away from your residence. As a result, your home could very well end up being alone during that time, perhaps someone checking on the residence on occasion. If someone with ill intent gets ahold of your address, knows you will be away, and determines no one is really checking on the residence regularly while you are partying it up, the recipe for trouble is there.

Instead of posting live updates from your trip to Brazil or any other destination for that matter, wait until you return home, and then share all the photos and stories you want on various sites.

By following this line of rationale, you decrease the odds of your home becoming a prime target for a break-in or worse. Even if you have a family member, friend, neighbor etc. checking on the residence while you are on vacation, the potential threat is still there, albeit to a lesser degree.

Another item to keep abreast of while traveling is being careful of what you say in-person and to whom you say it to.

Whether you are traveling locally or in a foreign country, you oftentimes do not know with whom you are speaking with. As a result, be careful not to divulge information that is essentially too personal for others to get wind of.

For example, you are out at a bar in a foreign destination one evening.

While enjoying your drink of choice, someone asks if they can sit next to you at the bar, something you proceed to agree to. A conversation ensues about personal and professional matters. You inform the person what town you live in back home, along with the fact that your business is closed for the week while you enjoy your vacation.
As it turns out, the individual you have been speaking with is an identity theft thief. He or she has contacts around the globe, including those individuals who break into homes and businesses for a living. Now that you have described where you work and/or live, the individual knows you have an empty business and empty residence primed for the taking.

No, these things do not happen with regularity, but they do in fact happen, so don’t be naïve to that fact.

As you prepare for your next trip, make sure you do everything possible not to spill too much information, especially to those you do not know.

In doing so, you could be setting yourself and/or your business up for difficult times ahead.

While it is perfectly fine to talk about and show people how your trip went, don’t do it to the point where you become the next crime victim.


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