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How to Get the Most Out of Your Local Move

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When it comes to interstate relocations or even ones involving long distances within a state, hiring a professional mover is often a no-brainer, simply because you get to write off those expenses by claiming a tax deduction with the IRS. Things aren't so simple when it comes to local moves, however. The IRS does not allow deductions for expenses made in moves to locations less than 60 miles away.
With local moves, then, families relocating tend to seriously consider saving with a self-drive van. It's a reasonable to wonder which way you should go. Here are some answers.
Consider how much time you have
While local moves require less driving time than long-distance moves, self-drive vans rented out for local moves tend to be small ones. Multiple trips are common, and can add up.
Since driving moving vans can be challenging (among other problems, they have door mirrors, but no rearview mirrors) many families moving, hope to go at a slower traffic hour. It can be hard to do this over multiple runs, however, and still be in compliance with local parking rules, or building moving time rules. You will need to drive at least once during rush hour, and it can be difficult when it's a large vehicle. You need to be prepared for it.
While you may rent and interstate moving van for your local move to take advantage of the larger size, it could be harder to maneuver such a vehicle in city traffic or on narrow streets. If you're moving to an apartment block, clearance restrictions may make it hard to bring such a van in.
You need to be aware of the traffic rules that apply to you
In many major cities, you need a moving permit to park a moving van on any street. You need to apply days in advance for such a permit. Self-drive van companies will usually warn you in advance of the need for such permits. What they can't warn you about, is how to stay clear of local cleaning days. Every city runs its cleaning to a strict schedule, with signs posted on every street. If you make the mistake of moving on a local cleaning day, you won't be allowed to park on the street to unload.
It's also important to understand that while the law allows drivers with regular driving licenses to drive commercial vehicles, all traffic rules to do was commercial driving do apply. Commercial vehicles are not allowed to pass other vehicles at speeds in excess of 40 mph, for instance. It's important to be aware of these rules.
It can still be bad for your back
It is certainly possible to work with a you-pack-we-drive service to sidestep the driving challenge. Packing, loading and unloading the contents of a home on your own, however, can be a problem. Injuries are common when moving heavy loads.
It's important to not underestimate the complexity of any move
Moving is challenging and complicated work, even over short distances. While DIY moves are very popular today, scope for accidents and injuries does remain. According to Reynolds Transfer T1moving services of Sun Prairie, WI, it's always a good idea to work out how much exactly you pay extra for a professional move, where you get to leave all the complications to the experts. You might decide that the premium is worth it.


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