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How to Pick a Niche for Your Travel Agency Business

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The travel agency industry is definitely not what it once was, since the internet has made it possible for people to visit numerous online travel booking websites in order to find the best service for their needs. Travel agency employment rates have dropped significantly due to the increasing number of those websites and their availability, not to mention convenience.

The convenience and availability of travel booking websites is the main reason why people go to actual travel agencies less than they used to, simply because the life of today’s modern world is so fast-paced that it is far easier to sit down at a computer and book everything online.

However, it can be stressful, not to mention very time-consuming, to research the best online travel booking services, the best deals they offer, the best hotels and everything else needed for an impeccable travel experience. This is why many people prefer to engage the personal services of a travel agent who can arrange everything for them and ensure their trip goes perfectly.

Travel agency experts can provide travellers with many benefits, as they can offer useful advice on everything travel-based, from ideal destination suggestions to tickets and all the other details that an online travel booking service could never provide.

The travel agency business is definitely not going anywhere and it remains one of the most lucrative businesses, regardless of the economic situation in many countries in the world today. People will always travel, whether they go on business meetings abroad or on vacations. That is why travel agencies will always thrive and they can offer pretty amazing revenue to travel agents.

If you have a knack for scheduling, logistics and finding the best deals and you have excellent communication and problem-solving skills, you can be sure you are the right person to either start your own travel agency business or find work in an already established one. There is no better time than now to do so, but before you can get your travel agency business off the ground, you need to choose your niche.

Deciding on Your Niche Is Key

Before you start planning anything regarding your travel agency career, you need to decide what niche you are going to be in. Are you going to specialize in corporate travel or leisure travel? Are you going to work from home or find another location for your future travel agency? Deciding on your niche is a very important first step before you can go on with either registering your own business or building relationships with other travel agencies.

Here are the types of travel agency businesses you can immerse yourself in, so take a look at the brief overview of those, as they can help you make the right decision when finding the niche for your travel agency business.

Home-based travel agency

If you like working from home and being your own boss, you can think about starting a home-based travel agency and work from the comfort of your own home. However, startup costs can be very high, since you would have to finance all of the necessary equipment on your own, but there are various types of software that can make every process of your travel arrangements much easier.

Therefore, if you decide on opening a home-based travel agency, make sure you research different types of software for travel agencies in order to find the best one that will help you with accounting and managing every travel arrangement. The primary idea behind a home-based travel agency business is that you get to keep your overhead low and your profits very high, so it can be a very lucrative business to immerse yourself in.

It goes without saying that you would need to have a website for your travel services, since you would be communicating with your clients online. Therefore, establishing an online presence is an absolute must when starting a home-based travel agency business.

When you create your own website, you can easily advertise your business on social media, as that way you can reach out to an incredible number of people and present them with your travel services. You can also start a blog on your website, where you can provide people with additional information about the travel destinations you offer, including the best hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs – you name it.

Needless to say, you should include high-quality images of those destinations and all the tourist attractions your clients can visit. Such a blog on your website can attract many clients and help you generate much more revenue, so running a travel blog is something you should definitely do, regardless of the type of travel agency business you indulge in.

Independent contractor

If you decide to work as an independent contractor, you can provide your clients with excellent benefits, since they can come in for your advice and you can talk to them face-to-face about anything they need for their travel adventures. What’s more, you get to make your own hours, work at your own pace and build your own client list, not to mention that you get instant credibility when you have your own place to meet with clients and, more importantly, your own business name.

When working as an independent contractor, you don’t even need to be present in your brick-and-mortar travel agency, since you can handle travel arrangements and other services from your home office. This is due to the fact that you would have an established business name that gives you credibility and helps you build trust with your clients.

However, you can also work as an independent contractor for a travel agency. You can research different travel agencies and decide which one you would like to work with. This option can also be very profitable, as you can each earn a commission on your travel sales and you can also work on your own schedule.

Specialty/niche travel business

If you want to offer specialty travel services, you can have multiple opportunities in the travel industry. You can offer travel services to particular groups of people by providing them with packages and tours that are tailored just for them. Also, you can offer specialized travel services and appeal to a certain demographic. For instance, you can offer specialized travel services to business people travelling to Japan only.

Furthermore, you can provide your clients with luxury travel services and offer them high-quality luxury travel arrangements for their needs. What you should know is that a specialty travel business can be operated from home, so that’s another benefit it can offer you.

Corporate travel agency

Corporate travel is actually a type of niche travel service, since it represents a specialized type of travel services. Starting a corporate travel agency can offer you some excellent benefits and provide your business with an opportunity for fast growth. You can start as an individual and later hire some travel agents to help you out; the decision is completely on you. What’s important is to have a directory of different companies to stay in touch with and to show them you will always be available for their travel arrangements.

It is crucial that you build strong relationships with those companies, as that will help you become their go-to resource for their corporate travel needs. You would also need to connect with different airlines and have an insight into their flight schedules.

Business people travel quite a lot due to their business meetings with clients across the world so, by starting a corporate travel agency, you would definitely generate quite a lot of revenue and you won’t ever have to worry about running out of business.


If you want to start working in the travel industry right away, without all the hassle of starting your own travel agency business, then you can consider working for one of the many travel agencies franchises. By becoming a franchisee, you actually purchase the rights to use an established concept of the franchise, as well as its business name and each and every one of its business procedures.

However, by entering a franchise, you need to conform to the already established methods of doing business and meeting the needs of the clients. Needless to say, you must have a basic knowledge of the business and have previous experience in managing travel arrangements, as that will help you provide the clients with the best possible travel services and make sure their travel arrangements run smoothly.


Opening a travel agency requires plenty of time and effort, not to mention endless paperwork and acquiring a proper licence for starting a business and working as a travel agent. If that is where you are headed, postpone all the decisions for a moment and concentrate on determining exactly what you want to be as a travel agent.

The first and most important step you need to take is pick a niche for your business venture and this article will, hopefully, help you make the right decision. Take your time to really think about it and, when you do come to a final decision, set sails for the greatest adventure of your life and become one of the best travel agents out there.


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