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Three Places You Need to Visit in Rome

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If you want to experience a mesmerising vacation that features attractions that will leave you in awe, visiting Rome is a great way to do so. From the Colosseum and Spanish Steps to the Piazza Navona and Trevi Fountain, there is certainly no shortage of attractions throughout this historic city.


The Colosseum

If you have ever seen The Gladiator or watched one of the many movies about Rome, you have probably thought about how incredible it would be to visit the Colosseum for yourself. Fortunately, it is everything that you’d think it would be.


After being used as a venue to host contests and gladiator fights as long ago as 80 A.D., the Colosseum was eventually abandoned after the fall of the of the Roman Empire. While you can clearly see the damage that it has taken over the past few centuries, it is incredible to see a venue this old with a foundation that is still, for the most part, standing strong today.


Visiting the Colosseum is something that you definitely won’t soon forget. It is highly recommended that you go on the guided tour of the venue, as this is a great opportunity to get a look at some of the unique features that still remain today. You’ll also learn a lot about its history.


The Spanish Steps

While it is certainly difficult to top the Colosseum – after all, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the rest of Rome does not disappoint. The Spanish Steps offer an experience that is almost as awe inspiring.


This huge stairway, which features 135 steps, takes you from the Piazza di Spagna all the way up to the Trinitadei Monti church. While the steps themselves will not blow you away, the atmosphere and venues surrounding them certainly will. The Fontana dellaBarcaccia is one of the many incredible fountains that you will find throughout the city.


Interestingly enough, you can stay in a location that is fairly close to the Spanish Steps, the Piazza di Spagna, and the Trinitadei Monti church. specialises in vacation rentals and can help you find a great location within walking distance from these great attractions.


Saint Peter’s Basilica

While it is not technically located in Rome, every trip to Rome has to conclude with a visit to Vatican City to see Saint Peter’s Basilica, whether you are a Christian or not. This place is full of historical monuments and venues that have played major roles in shaping the world of today.


From the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums to the Vatican Gardens and St. Peter’s Square, you can spend several days here and not get the opportunity to see everything that this magnificent and historical location has to offer.


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