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Tips for Safe Travel in Brazil

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Brazil is a beautiful country to travel to whether with your loved ones, friends or on your own. There are many world-famous landmarks and breathtaking sceneries to look forward to on your visit. However, it is also important to take into consideration travelling safely in Brazil. Unfortunately, there are serious safety issues in Brazil especially for foreigners who are just on a vacation. But in this article, we will give you tips on how to safely travel around the country. This is perfect for people who are planning to visit the place for the first time.

1.    Always bring a copy of your documents –make sure to produce numerous copies of your important documents like your passport, Visa, IDs and others. You should do this so you can bring copies of your papers with you all the time. It is also advisable to send copies in your email so you can easily print copies in case of emergency.

2.    Book your hotel accommodation ahead of time –you should also ensure that you already have your hotel booking upon your arrival. It would be dangerous and a big hassle to roam around the city looking for accommodation especially during late at night. So make sure to make your reservations ahead of time and confirm before your flight.

3.    Arrange travel insurance – to avoid paranoia and to help your mind feel more at ease, it is advisable to arrange travel insurance. This way, you feel more secured during your vacation.

4.    Try to blend in with the locals –when going out especially in the evening, it is advisable to try to blend in with the locals. Burglars and other bad people are more drawn to foreigners so try your best not to look one. Try to dress and act like the locals to avoid attention. It is a big no-no to walk around the streets with your cameras hanging around your neck or carrying a bottled water with you.

5.    Bring just enough money when you go out –also, when you are going out of your hotel room, it is best to just carry enough cash with you. This is to protect yourself from thieves or pickpockets.

6.    Do not wear too much jewelries –again, do not attract attention so make sure to leave your flashy jewelries behind most especially if you will spend lots of hours outside or in the streets.

7.    Always watch your belongings –it is advisable to bring back pack and wear it in front so you can protect your belongings. Do not leave your things unattended most especially when you are outside.

8.    Bring extra cash card on your trip –it is a safety net to bring extra cash card with you in case your ATM won’t work or you run out of cash. You should remember that you are in a foreign land so it is important to be prepared at all times.

It is better to be safe and prepared on your trip than be sorry in the end. Brazil is a wonderful country but you should always keep your guards up to avoid any unpleasant experience that could ruin your entire trip.Also, it is important that you know the location of your country’s embassy so you know where to go in case something happens.

But overall, you should enjoy and savor the great experience of visiting Brazil and all its world-class attractions.


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