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Serious Fun Egyptian Style with Book of Ra Slots

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The famous Book of Ra slot game includes perhaps one of the best special free spin features in the history of slot games. Here’s how it works and what you can expect from this superb online slot game.

Once the special feature free spin bonus rounds have been triggered, normally by getting at least 3 of the special Book of Ra Slots symbols appearing on the screen at the same time, in any position, this game quickly changes into a whole new experience.

When this special feature is triggered, a unique paytable appears on the screen which shows players the payouts of subsequent spins.

During special free bonus spin rounds the special scatter symbols expand and cover the entire reel where they appear. Payouts on subsequent spins are then calculated using these special icons visible on the paylines.

How it works
For example, with 4 scatter icons on a particular payline, let’s say the icon Q, and a payout of £8, because the special scatter icons cover the entire reel the actual payout becomes £8 multiplied by the number of paylines being played. In the Classic version of Book of Ra, the number of paylines is 9 and therefore the payout would be £8 multiplied by 9 giving a total payout of £72, simply because this occurs within the special feature free bonus spin rounds.

What’s more, during these special free spins – the regular payline prizes are still available, so your chances of winning are even greater; it’s not a case of one or the other, but the possibility of wining on both regular and special feature paytables, something which makes Book of Ra much more fun than many other slot games available.

Even more free spins!
And there’s more, even during the special feature free bonus spin rounds, players can access even further free spins by getting at least 3 of the Book of Ra icons on the screen again at any time, so this offers players even more free spins which can compound winnings and give access to even bigger prizes.

Every time a player triggers this special feature, they receive another 10 free spins which can quickly accumulate, and are normally shown in the screen on the bonus spin counter which displays the number of free spins players have left.

Once all the displayed free spins have been used, the game displays a summary of the total bonus spins and prizes won before reverting back to its regular play mode until the special feature free bonus spins are triggered once again.

An all time great slot game
The Book of Ra has to be truly one of the great slot games of all time. Not only is it fun and exciting to play, but with a RPP of around 96% it offers players a real chance of winning good payouts, especially once the special feature bonus spins are accessed and then triggered again while still playing within this feature.

You can play Book of Ra slots on many online game sites – so log in, sit back and enjoy some serious fun, Egyptian style!


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