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The Andrew’s Airport Parking Experience

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flight time to give you plenty of time to account for traffic and find parking so you get to your gate on time. When the reality of the day finally hits, you’re running late, have to fight your way through an infinite long line of traffic, and spend so much time looking for a parking spot that you miss your flight. 

We can’t do anything about being late or the long line of traffic. But we can take care of where you keep your car on your trip. Andrew’s Airport Parking is the biggest off-airport car parking complex in Brisbane. We offer room for up to 1,700 vehicles both outdoors and undercover. And you can access our facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our security team works just as many hours to ensure that your car is available to you in the exact condition you left it in. 

You’re guaranteed a space if you make a booking either online or by phone. We then recommend that you show up at our facility at least 45 minutes before you want to be at the airport. We have up to six courtesy shuttles operating all the time and ready to take you to the terminal. There’s enough room on board for everyone you’re traveling with and all your luggage. Our uniformed drivers receive expert training to give you “good old-fashioned service,” so that you keep relying on our business. 

Because your vehicle is going to be with us while you’re on your trip, why not take advantage of our many services designed to save you time and money? We can eliminate the dirt and grime with an outside wash, inside clean, hand polish, or steam clean. Different car-detailing packages bundle different combinations of these options to save you money. 

If your vehicle isn’t running right or your engine gives out these strange noises, we can take care of those issues as well. Our A Service gives you basic maintenance, such as changing the oil and filter, inspecting the brakes, adjusting all engine belts, carrying out a 50-point inspection, and a road test. Our B Service adds spark plug replacement, an engine tune-up, air-filter cleaning, wheel rotation and balance, and a fuel check and line balance. 

Our fully qualified technicians can also take care of repairs to the engine, radiator, upholstery, windscreen, panels, and alloys. We guarantee all our work so that you return to a vehicle that’s better than when you left it. 

To save yourself even more time and money, consider becoming a member. Our basic membership is for you if you park with us once a year or less. It lets you make, view, and cancel your current bookings online; grants you special offers by email; gives you a free outside wash for every four parking stays; gives you a $50 voucher for parking, cleaning, or service, and lets you have the option to use our sister business, Gateway Airport Parking. You also get access to our mobile friendly web site, which lets you ask for airport pickups without having to make a phone call. All this adds up to a $79 value and costs you absolutely nothing. 

If you take planes frequently for business, or park more than three times in any six months, then go for the Corporate Individual Membership. For a minimal joining free, you get all the basic perks plus a minimum 15 percent discount on parking rates and the ability to claim a Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) deduction for your company or sister business. (Your discount jumps to 20 percent if you park five or more times in six months.) You also get priority pickup and you can easily check in by simply using your Driver’s License as your ID. 

At highest Corporate Individual FBT Member level, you get all the previous advantages and can claim the FBT deduction for every time that your company vehicle parks with us. You can specify every vehicle that will get this perk on your application. 

If you have any questions, want to reserve a space, or want to join Andrew’s Airport Parking, please contact us.



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