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5 Best Reasons to Host an Outdoor Party

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Are you getting tired to host a party in an indoor venue? Are you starting to feel cramped whenever you hold a gathering of friends and relatives in a closed space, where all you can do is eat, mingle, dance, and drink? If the familiarity of the indoor party setup is becoming boring for you, then you might want to consider doing your event outdoors instead.


Outdoor parties are becoming a trend these days, since they offer a touch of nature and a relaxing vibe to an otherwise hyped up event. Concerts-especially those where a myriad of bands are set to perform, are held outdoors not just to accommodate big crowds but also to give a breath of fresh air to everyone involved, and this goes the same for outdoor parties.


Just like indoor party venues in Singapore, outdoor venues are very flexible in terms of layout and space utilization. The only add-on factor that you must take into consideration is the climate conditions, as they may not go well with your event. Nonetheless, if you’re thinking about doing your upcoming event under the sky, then here are the 4 best reasons for you to push through with that plan:


1. Everyone gets to relax.

When you host outdoor parties, you don’t necessarily have to make your guests glam up for the occasion, unless the event celebrates a very special reason. Thus, in this setting, everyone gets to relax and enjoy the day-they can mingle with each other and not be conscious about how they look or act.


The spontaneous vibe is essential in outdoor parties, because once you establish this kind of ambiance, then it means that everyone in the gathering is having a great time.


2. More activities to do.

Aside from bringing the dining, dancing, and live band performances to an open setting, you can also add other activities in outdoor venues. You have more space to play games, or set up a kiddie pool in case you want a summer theme for your event, or have a barbecue grill where everyone can cook their own skewered meals.


3. You create the opportunity for the guests to get to know each other better.

If there’s one thing you will observe in indoor gatherings then that would be your guests mingling with people they already are familiar with. This is because the formalities of the setup subliminally require them to create comfort zones, and they address this by sticking to the people they know.


However, if you choose to go for an outdoor party, the formalities are reduced, and people become more open to reach out to the other guests they are not familiar with. This gives them the opportunity to make friends and build a network of contacts, which is a great thing especially if this is the intention of your gathering.


4. Nature’s elements make your event energy efficient.

If you’re going to hold an outdoor party during the day, then you may not need to work on the light and ventilation setups, mainly because you have nature’s elements to do the job. The rays of the sun are more than enough to brighten up the venue, and you can just rearrange the canopies and marquees present to give your guests some shade. At the same time, you may only have to supplement the natural air with electric fans to boost ventilation, rather than depend entirely on air conditioners.


5. Kid-friendly.

If you’re hosting a party that entails the attendance of kids, then it’s best to do it outdoors. Children get the adequate space to run and play, and are not exposed to greater risk of freak accidents (including breaking plates).  In most outdoor party venues in Singapore, you can layout the floor space so that there will be an area where children can socialize with each other and can be looked after by their parents. You may also have a play pen set up for them as well.





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