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Enjoy Your Travel In Canada

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Canada is one of the foremost holiday destinations in the world. The country is blessed by nature and it is still pristine and the beauty is not hampered by humans still. The country also has one of the natural wonders of the world, the Niagara Falls. It has also is home to great cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Nova Scotia etc. If you like to spend time in cities then you have that option too.

The best way to tour Canada is by booking a ticket on the Rocky Mountain Rail. It is a great train and the journey commences from Toronto and you will be taken through Winnipeg and Saskatoon. You can enjoy Canada but on this rail it is the best. You will also be able to tour Yoho National Park and other such wonderful places.

If you are a wine lover then a visit to the Okanagan valley is a must. The wines have a distinct British Columbian flavour which can be easily discerned by the wine enthusiast. There are wine guided tours and these are an education in itself for the wine lover.
Canada is great for winter sports and has been the host for the Winter Olympics in 2010. You can find wonderful ski resorts in Canada and there are many sports for people interested in winter sports. In the winter the Quebec Winter Carnival takes place and it includes parades, concerts etc. If you are in the country in winter then you should visit the Carnival.

Alberta is a city with a rich history. Apart from that you can find a lot of activities here which a tourist would love. One of the major cities in Canada is Toronto. This city has a great night life, wonderful shopping places, huge skyscrapers, business establishments, museums etc.

Travel documents that you require for entry into Canada now include the eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization. This document is not for people who need visas but for people from countries that do not need a visa to travel to Canada. Citizens of United States of America do not need the Electronic Travel Authorization. Even if you are a transit passenger you need the Electronic Travel Authorization, so ensure that you apply for eTA Canada online. The form is very easy and anybody can fill it. You can get approval within minutes if you are eligible. The Electronic Travel Authorization is valid for 5 years.


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