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Where To Stay When You Visit Las Vegas

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From neon lights to wedding chapels, there's a little something for everyone in Las Vegas, but there's more to the city than casinos and drinking. Las Vegas has become a destination for shopping, fine dining, and even family attractions, so it's the sort of place that groups of friends can easily be entertained. Las Vegas is made up of several different areas, so you don't have to stay right in the centre, and here are some of the advantages of staying in various neighbourhoods.


The Strip


By far the most popular place for tourists to stay, the Las Vegas Strip is legendary, hosting huge themed casinos, hotels from budget to luxury, and endless nightclubs and bars. If you're taking a trip to Vegas with, then it's likely your hotel will be in this area, putting you at the heart of the action. Some of the things you can do on the Strip include:


  • Shopping – there's a huge number of designer stores and souvenir shops
  • Party – from themed bars to huge nightclubs, the party goes on 24/7
  • Gamble – the Strip is where you'll find some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas
  • Get married – many of the hotels have wedding chapels for your big day


The Strip is about four miles long, and while it is pedestrianised, you probably won't manage to walk from one end to the other, especially in the hot sun. A monorail runs along most of the Strip, as do many buses, or you can hire a limo fairly cheaply to get around in style.




Downtown Las Vegas is the original part of the city, so is home to many of the older, iconic casinos. With a classic look and vintage neon signs, you can imagine the Rat Pack coming here to party, and in fact some of the casinos have been around since the 1950s and 60s. Most of the action revolves around Fremont Street, an undercover area full of casinos and bars, where the ceiling shows massive light displays at night. Close to Downtown Las Vegas, you'll also find the older, famous wedding chapels where many celebrities have eloped.


North Las Vegas


If you're travelling on a budget, but want to be close to the centre, look for hotels in North Las Vegas. This area is less focused on tourists, cheaper, but less glamorous than the Strip or Downtown. However, it's still within easy reach of all the most popular sights, which means you can enjoy days out at the attractions, or nights on the town, while still being close to affordable eateries and bargain stores.


There's more to Las Vegas than the big Strip hotels, and if you're looking for somewhere to stay you'll have lots of choices. Whether you want a large hotel with a pool and restaurants, or prefer a smaller, cosier option, you'll find plenty of accommodation to meet your needs, and can get a great price for your stay.


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