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5 of the Most Exotic Places to Visit in the World

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Some of the most naturally beautiful places in the world are also the most exotic. Taking a vacation to one of these destinations is pricey. Consider obtaining a personal loan to afford the well-deserved vacation of a lifetime. Inquire at to see if you qualify for a personal loan to make this dream come true.


Mendenhall Ice Caves

In Alaska, the Mendenhall Ice Caves are just a thing of beauty. The caves have a bluish hue to them, making the trek through the caves tranquil and relaxing. The ice cave is inside the Mendenhall Glacier, which has been monitored since 1942 by the Juneau Icefield Research Program. Global warming may eventually take this beautiful cave out of existence.



Bagan is known for its impressive temples that tower over the mature trees. It has magnificent sunrises and sunsets. This ancient city along the Ayeyarwady River in Myanmar has a lot of history to share with visitors. There are more than 2,000 Buddhist temples and monuments to view, along with several designated holy sites. One of the most treasured temples is the ornately designed Ananda Temple. It was built in 1901 and is adorned with a golden stupa at the top.



If you are planning a trip to Burma, visiting the Buddhist cave complex Phowintaung is a must. There are 947 lavishly decorated caves in this single complex. Not only is it a history lesson, watching how the sunlight comes in from natural holes is simply beautiful. To visit Phowintaung, you will need a good amount of time. It takes several days to visit every cave in the complex.


Cano Cristales

Cano Cristales is also known as the liquid rainbow or Rainbow River. It has lush water vegetation that blooms in an array of colors, helping the river emulate a rainbow. Located in South Africa, this river contains no fish. Local wildlife will come to get a drink but will not bother you if you choose to take a swim. Mature trees and natural rock cliffs envelope this river on each side to help its natural beauty reflect in the sun.


Kawachi Fuji Gardens

Just a 5 hour train ride from Tokyo, the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Japan are just a thing of beauty. The best time of year to visit this destination is in April when the gardens are in full bloom. The gardens are essentially a 9-mile tunnel of vibrant colors and stunning sights. It is a bit tricky to find so it is ideal to seek the help of a local or tour guide to experience the breathtaking tunnel garden.


Prior to travelling to one of these destinations, make sure that your passport is valid. It is also ideal to check with your physician to see if any of these destinations require special vaccinations and obtain them in an ample amount of time. Also take the time to review the climate so that you are able to pack the proper attire to fully enjoy your trip.


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