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Getting the Most Out of Cruise Parking

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Cruises are an enjoyable and often economical way to spend a vacation. The logistics can also be a bit of a hassle, particularly if this is your first cruise and you’re dealing with these challenges for the first time. One of the easiest ways to make your trip more convenient, make better use of your time and save a little more money in the process is to take advantage of cruise parking. With this type of service, you pull up when your holiday is about to begin, and they handle the details of parking your vehicle and storing it while you’re away. Then when you return, there it is waiting for you, just as you left it or maybe even better. 

Schedule in Advance 

Perhaps the biggest mistake first-time cruise-goers make is simply assuming that the cruise parking services they need will be available to them when they need it. While it’s probably true that you’ll always be able to secure some form of parking service last minute, it’s better to book in advance. Scheduling ahead of time ensures that the vehicle drop-off location is as convenient to you as possible and that the rates are as low as possible. Be mindful that the rates will be at their lowest months prior to the actual dates. As you get closer to the date and less spots are available, those rates will rise. 

Ask About Discounts 

If you have more than one parking option in the vicinity of the port your cruise will depart from, speak to several or more. Learning about the rates and various services that more than one company offers will give you good context about what’s fair and what’s not. Be sure to ask about discounts as well, and the earlier you ask the more likely that discounts will be available and the large they’ll be. Membership in an automobile club or roadside assistance services are some of the most common sources of discounts. These can result in reduced rates as well as the option to take advantage of free additional services.


Get as Close as Possible 

Whether you’re parking at the port and boarding the cruise from there or taking a plane to the area of your cruise, proximity is everything. The close you are, the less time it’ll take to get situated and the less minor expenses you’ll incur in the process. After all, those minor expenses will add up. Pay attention to shuttle options as well. Ideally, you can step out of your car and walk up the ramp to the ship, but realistically, you’ll likely have to take a shuttle from the lot or the airport to the port. Shuttle costs are usually included, and if you’ve planned everything right, you won’t have to wait around long for the next shuttle. 

Opt for Around-the-Clock Security and Access 

The best parking services feature 24-hour security. That security includes access control, high perimeter gates, monitored surveillance cameras and so forth. These measures ensure the well-being of your vehicle while you’re away. Be sure to speak with your insurance company as well and to ask the parking service about what coverage is extended by them in the event something does happen. It’s also important to have 24-hour access because you can’t always depend on a cruise to arrive at port on time. The best services will be available to greet you anytime, and they’ll have a security guard waiting to escort you to your vehicle. 

Take Advantage of Additional Services 

While you’re enjoying the downtime and all of the sights and activities that your cruise offers, your car or truck doesn’t have to just sit there. In fact, most cruise parking companies offer a wide range of additional services that you can take advantage of. Imagine retuning to a vehicle that’s been refuelled and cleaned inside and out. Have some maintenance or repair work that you’ve been putting off? Consider scheduling it while you’re away, and the parking service can handle the details of getting it to the shop, monitoring the work and having the vehicle back on-site before your return.


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