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Why Staycationing is the Most Affordable Way to Enjoy a Holiday

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When it comes to taking a holiday each year, not all of us can afford the luxury of being able to visit far flung destinations. If you live on a tight budget, have recently changed or lost a job or you have expanded your family, then holidaying might be something that has taken a back seat in recent years. However, there is a great way to still be able to take a yearly holiday without incurring the financial burden that a holiday abroad can cost and that is to take a staycation instead.



Staycationing is a term that has been coined to describe taking a holiday in the UK and is an obvious yet cleverplay on the word “vacation”. There are lots of great places in the UK to explore on a staycation and Derbyshire is one of the best, as it is home to so many interesting sights and attractions to discover. You can save even more money by staying in self catering accommodation and there are lots of nice cottages to stay in throughout Derbyshire that cater to a wide range of budgets and needs.


Finding Accommodation


Derbyshire is home to many pretty villages and towns from Castleton and Eyam to Buxton and Bakewell – they all have a nice atmosphere that is ideal to experience on a staycation. Once you have decided where you want to be based, you can then find the type of accommodation that suits you by thinking about the following:


  • Do you need internet access?
  • Do you want on-site parking?
  • How many people do you need it to sleep?
  • Will you take your dog?


You can usually find out information like this by looking online and you can oftenget hold of the best deals via the internet as well. You will need to check out photos and descriptions of the properties, in order to find one that suits you and you will need to provide information about things such as how many bedrooms you need and your travel dates in order to make an online enquiry or booking.


Derbyshire Attractions


If you like the idea of going on a staycation in 2016 in order to save money, then Derbyshire is a great choice due to the amount of free natural attractions it is home to. You can enjoy doing some walking or go for a swim in a river or lake and here is a summary of the free activities available throughout the region:


  • Swimming
  • Hiking and walking
  • Exploring the valleys and trails
  • Wandering around the towns and villages
  • Visiting museums and galleries
  • Mountain biking
  • Dog walking


Lots of the abbeys and stately homes have beautiful gardens that are well worth exploring and with lots of free activities available; it’s easy to see why so many people choose to visit this area when they take a staycation. There are lots of great value holiday cottages in Derbyshire that make it easy to find somewhere to stay that not only suits yourbudget but also your style and needs.


If you choose to take your dog with you, not only will this save you money on the cost of the kennels but it also means you don’t have to worry about your dog being stuck in the kennels and there are lots of great walks that you can take them on.


If you have some money put aside to spend on your holiday, then you should check out local attractions such as:


  • Chatsworth House
  • Calke Abbey
  • Kedleston Hall
  • Alton Towers
  • Sudbury Hall
  • Kedleston Hall
  • American Adventure Theme Park
  • Midland Railway Centre
  • Haddon Hall


You can look out for coupons to get money off of major attractions like trips to Alton Towers and you can often get into the grounds of big abbeys and homes for free and you only pay when you want to go inside the actual building.


Staycationing with Kids


The Peak District is a treasure trove of fun outdoor activities from canoeing and sailing to hiking the woodland trails and it is especially popular with families. Staying somewhere that offers self-catering accommodation is perfect for anyone with a large family holidaying on a budget but it is also important to visit somewhere that has plenty of things to keep the kids occupied and entertained. Exploring the great outdoors is a good way to teach your children how much more fun it is to be outside rather than stayingcooped up inside playing video games and watching the TV all holiday and what’s even better is that it is free to enjoy.


A great way to save even more money when taking a staycation in Derbyshire is to visit outside of peak holiday periods if possible, such as going away for long weekends rather than during the summer holidays.


Exploring the Towns


You can spend days just wandering around the local villages and towns in Derbyshire and many of them are extremely charming, including:


  • Bakewell
  • Wirksworth
  • Monsal Dale
  • Taddington
  • Buxton


The Derwent Valley Dams and the Western Dales are well worth visiting and you can get around in your own car rather than hiring one in order to save even more money during your staycation.


You can also do a lot of walking to save money on petrol costs and you will need to choose centrally-located accommodation if you want to keep driving to a minimum during your stay. By staying in a self catering cottage, you get to enjoy the benefits of being able to cook meals for yourself rather than having to eat out in pubs and restaurants all of the time. You also get to enjoy the benefits of having your own space compared to staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast but it is important to check out the on-site facilities to ensure the property will cater to your needs as a family.


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