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5 Popular Christmas and New Year’s Destinations

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The holidays are a time for visiting family, rekindling old memories with long-time friends, and celebrating the good times with familiar faces. But they are also some of the best times for getting one-of-a-kind travel experience and creating new types of memories.


If you are looking to try something different this holiday season, there are many amazing places to see that will make this year’s holidays one of the most memorable ever. Here are some travel suggestions for making the most of this year’s Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.


The Holy Land

Visiting Israel can be an incredibly moving experience at any time of the year. Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, the city of Jerusalem and the surrounding area are fraught with historic places that have affected world events for the past thousands of years.


This Christmas, book a trip to Israel and visit Jerusalem and the “little town of Bethlehem”, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. While historians and Biblical scholars are not in agreement about the exact spot where the birth took place, you can visit the manger where most people agree it occurred. It’s a truly moving – and potentially religious – experience for people of every faith.


Christmas in Hawaii

There’s something about the dichotomy of celebrating the main winter holiday while surrounded by a tropical island paradise.


The people of Hawaii celebrate Christmas like nowhere else. You still get all the traditional Christmas carols, decorations, and even Santa Claus, but with a Hawaiian Island twist. And, as always, the sights, sounds and weather are guaranteed to be beautiful.


Visiting the islands at any time is amazing, but Celebrating Christmas in Hawaii is something you will never forget.


The Mall of America

If you want to get to the heart of American consumerism, book a trip to the Mall of America, located in Bloomington, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis, in the weeks leading up to the holidays.


This gigantic indoor mall has every imaginable shopping experience, from big name stores to exclusive boutiques to small specialty shops. But it also has an indoor amusement park, dozens of great dining options, incredible holiday decorations, and even live holiday-themed entertainment.


You can visit for just a few hours or spend days wandering through this winter wonderland of holiday shopping. People travel from hundreds of miles around to visit the mall, especially during the holiday season. So load up your car, grab your checkbook and credit cards, and head out to the premier shopping destination in the US.


Key West, Florida

Key West has all the tropical flavor of Hawaii, but without the long airplane trip or overpriced resorts. Just a few short hours from Miami, the key is home to elegant hotels, comfortable bed and breakfasts, and more than a few beach hammocks.


The operative keyword in Key West is “laid back”. It’s a stress-free community where people are free to relax, have a good time, and even let their freak flag fly if they want. Unlike high-pressure destination resorts and big cities, Key West is always on “island time”, where nobody is ever in a hurry and most people always have a drink in their hand much of the day.


That makes it a wonderful place to celebrate the holidays. Not only is it off-season – so you usually can get discount rates on hotels and even special deals on meals and attractions –but it’s also guaranteed to be warm, sunny and tropical.


This Christmas, open your gifts sitting under a palm tree decorated with colorful Christmas lights or share your holiday meal with a parrot or one of the many wild cats that roam the island all year round.


Christmas in Key West is something everybody should experience at least once in their lives.


Times Square, New York City

Every year, thousands of people jam into Time Square to watch the ball drop from the Times Building to officially ring in the New Year. It’s such a tradition that it is annually broadcast live on television from coast to coast.


The celebration has really ramped up in recent years. Now visitors are entertained by some of the biggest names in music, TV and film as they wait for the magic moment, the countdown to midnight.


Once the ball drops and the New Year has arrived, the crowd transforms into a celebratory throng of people that hug, kiss, high-five and party the night away under the concrete canyons of mid-town Manhattan.


The holidays are a time for being with family, but sometimes you simply want to try something new and have a different experience than the same old traditions you go through every year. This year, consider trying something new by visiting one of these interesting and amazing destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s.


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