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Make Adelaide Airport Parking Convenient

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You're hurrying to catch a plane for an important business meeting or are ready to go on holiday with your large family. You reach Adelaide airport with just enough time to spare so you can reach your gate on time. It seems, however, that everyone has the same idea because your circling the terminal car park like sharks, ready to rush into the first opening. If you keep this up for too long, you're very likely to miss your flight. 

This nightmare scenario is easy to avoid if you book your Adelaide airport parking in advance with a private company. You're guaranteed a spot even during the busiest of times. This lets you focus on your trip instead of worrying about whether there's enough room for your vehicle. All you have to do is drop off your vehicle with the parking agent and you can be on your way. 

The first criteria to look for in such a parking option are distance. It won't help you if it takes an hour to go from the parking space to the terminal. Something within 15 or 20 minutes away by car would be ideal. It must be open for sufficient hours every day of the year so you only have to plan your arrival at the facility based on your flight times and not on when it is open. 

Of course, you wouldn't have to take public transport or a taxi from a full-service facility. It must offer enough shuttles operating with enough frequency so you don't have to wait long for a ride. If you're traveling with a large group, such shuttles should be able to accommodate your party and all your luggage. Your ride should provide a comfortable environment and be driven by courteous and responsible staff who are trained to put the customer first. 

Make sure that 24-hour security is available whether you decide to leave your vehicle under cover for protection against the elements or in the open for a cheaper fee. You don't want to come back to a car that's been broken into. Ideally, you can get services performed on your vehicle that you normally don't have time to do when you're relying on it for everyday commuting. For example, a basic wash and chamois dry would be useful. For a special treat, look for a full steam cleaning, which not only removes those nagging stains but leaves the interior with a fresh feeling. 

If you're vehicle has been suffering from a mechanical problem, a full-service parking facility can take care of it through qualified technicians that guarantee their work. Basic service can inspect your vehicle, change the filter and oil, and top up any fluids. More advanced options can include everything from fixing upholstery to engine and panel work. Be sure that you leave a contact number at your destination with the facility so the technician can contact you for any estimates or repair issues. 

If you travel frequently, membership in the parking facility can save you time and money. Basic memberships are free and often include the ability to make bookings and updates online, receive discount coupons, and be informed of any seasonal special deals. You may even receive a free voucher just for signing up. 

If your company's workers frequently use Adelaide airport parking, a corporate membership incurs a small joining fee and can benefit your employees. You typically receive the same benefits as a free member as well as discounts off the standard rates. You may even qualify for priority pickup – your name goes to the top of the list when a long line of arrivals is waiting for the shuttle back to the lot. 

The highest class of membership grants you all the benefits of a corporate membership plus the ability to get a Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) for any vehicle parked at the lot. After you've registered company vehicles under this membership, you can run an annual report for that vehicle, making it easy to reconcile the FBT activity when you file your return.


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