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Visit Hunter Valley to Escape the City

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Even though you may enjoy being a city dweller, it is nice to get out of the city occasionally and take a drive into the countryside. A short weekend trip can help you rejuvenate by allowing you to escape from your daily responsibilities and relax. If you live in Sydney, there are several places to visit that are just a short drive from your home, like Hunter Valley.


Visiting the Hunter Region

If you travel about two hours north of the city, you will enter the Hunter Region, which is also known as Hunter Valley. It is home to the Hunter River, and it is one of the largest river valleys in New South Wales. Most of the residents in the area live along the coast with Newcastle being a popular destination for weekend getaways because of its great beaches.


The beaches are only one attraction in the area though because the region is also known for its wine industry and for breeding thoroughbred race horses. While it would be fun for children to see horses, especially if they are city kids who rarely get out into the countryside, visiting Hunter Valley is a great place for couples to go on the weekend.


Visiting Wine Country

The Hunter Valley area is well known around the world for its wines, the grapes of which have been cultivated there since the 1820's. Grapes grown in the area include Chardonnay, Verdelho, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. If you enjoy wine, there are several wineries to explore in the area that offer wine tastings, serve gourmet food and some of them even offer accommodations so you could stay overnight and go home the next evening..


A wine tour is a good way to try different wines that you wouldn't normally buy. Many wineries will allow you to taste their current vintages so you can try them without having to buy an entire bottle. They may also hold classes to teach their guests about pairing the wines with food, offer wine and chocolate tastings or teach them about wines in general. However, if a Hunter Valley wine tour doesn't appeal to you, there are many other things to do there.


Other Things to Do

During the summer and fall months, the region really comes alive as there are several concerts and special events held in the area. Make the most of the weekend and drive up from Sydney with the family to enjoy the Christmas lights throughout the holiday season. There are many world-renowned acts that perform at different venues, so you have many options for what you can do in Hunter Valley.


For those who are more adventurous, they can park the car and tour the area via hot air balloon. However, if you are looking for something more sedate, gather some friends to go and play golf, then stop for dinner at one of the many fine restaurants before returning to the city. For a quick getaway, explore Hunter Valley with your partner or with a group of friends.


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