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A Day Out in Myanmar- Enjoy Shopping At Street Arcades

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Are you interested in spending an eventful vacation in an exotic location? The destination one can explore is Myanmar. The pristine beaches and natural escapades make the country an important place to visit. The tourists enjoy an eventful nightlife in Myanmar. The capital of the country is Yangon and this is the busiest and most bustling cities in the whole country. The native life is vibrant and the interaction with the locals is interesting and can be cherished forever. There are various exotic locations and mesmerizing activities that make Myanmar an important location in the list of tourist.


Apart from places to visit that the country offers, there are various other places from where one can buy things. Asian Travel and Tour organizes tours to all the major countries and all the major tourist location. There are many famous markets in Myanmar that form the major attraction among the tourists. The few markets that are famous can be named as follows: 


  • Jade Market:

The market is famous for cramped walkways and for jade traders. An entry fee is to be paid before entering the market. Interesting scenes of craftsmen polishing o cutting the precious stone called Jade. There is a landmark that is visited by various tourists. Octagonal Unison Teahouse is visited by various tourists to watch the jade merchants dealing and trading jade.


  • Mingala Zei:

This market is located southeast of Kandawgyi. This market is the remarkable and renowned supplier of textiles, clothes, tinned foods, medicines, plastic ware and electrical appliances are available in the market. There are various other items available on sale in the market. This makes it a famous place where the tourist flocks to buy something or the other.


  • Central Market:

This market spreads in several blocks along the Strand Road. The market is colorful and lively and while being into the market one can visit various ornate temples that are dedicated to Goddess Guan Yin, which is located at the corner of the Ya Yoke Tann St. There are giant clay water pots and row of wood sellers in the street. If you continue towards the north of the market you will reach Shwepaliamaw Paya.


  • Bogyoke Aung San Market:

A market is a vast place and one can spend more than a half day visiting the street arcades and shops. The old British name is Scott Market. There are more than 2000 shops and the place is known for its handicraft and souvenirs sold less than one roof.


Apart from this there are several places to visit in Myanmar. The tour operators make tours to various places like Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and China. The Myanmar Tour Operators are successful planners and organizers who plan trips to various exotic destinations.


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