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What is the best kind of accommodation to stay in for skiing in Meribel?

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Meribel is a fantastic place to go on a skiing holiday, and it is not really that difficult to see why. The atmosphere is incredible, the people are really pleasant and generally you are going to find everybody else who goes on a similar holiday very agreeable. Essentially it is a fun and friendly family resort in which multiple families a year make the effort and the journey to try and get the most out of the skiing experience by either doing it as something different for the whole family to enjoy and learn or by making it a regular annual holiday for the experienced skiers so that they can enjoy the sights and scenery of Meribel vs. other countries and continents all over the world. Getting a mix and a feel for the places that you ski is very important in your future decision-making, as without a decent field of ski slopes you cannot hope to say that one is better than the other or your favourite place to ski.


The best thing about Meribel and the reason why it is so popular among so many avid sportspeople and families alike is because of the fact that there is so much diversity and so many different ways in which you can approach and handle these slopes. It can often be daunting for newer skiers to go on slopes among the experienced ones and for those that ski a lot going on slower and boring slopes with their families can be a drag aswell. In any case you are going to be looking at a variety of slopes for several different skill levels in Meribel, as well as a lot of learners classes for the smaller ones who have never skid before and plenty of off-piste and park sections for the skiers who want to take on the more advanced routes and courses. There is something for everybody and Meribel will always deliver.


However, ultimately you are going to have to have a rounded trip that is always full of excitement and happiness, and so the experience off the slopes must exceed or be equal to the level of happiness that you achieve on the slopes aswell. This is quite a difficult feat and requires you to have an extra special experience that you would be unlikely to get from a hotel or a hostel since these places can often be unpredictable and a lower grade of service. What you need is the very best that accommodation has to offer which is a catered chalet in Meribel. One of my personal favourites and a solid recommendation would have to be that of the Chalet Madeleine, which is owned and operated by the team at With daily hot meals, television, movies, video games and very comfy and warm beds there are very few ways in which things can go wrong, so be sure to enquire at catered chalets in Meribel to see if they can give you the same heart-warming experience.


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