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Preparing for Our First Trip Together

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Joy and I are deeply in love. There is no doubt about that, despite dating for a little less than three months now.  But we have bonded so completely in those three months neither one of us can fathom NOT spending the rest of our lives together.  This is true love and love at first sight.  It feels really good.

As I have a short holiday from the school in Phuket, Thailand, where I teach English (the last paid leave until the end of December) we felt the time was right to take a trip together.  This evening we depart for Bangkok with the ultimate goal being her hometown of Kamphaeng Phet, near the Myanmar border.  I will get to meet her family for the first time (amazingly enough, I'm not THAT nervous about it) and view the numerous Sukhothai-style ruins.  The town is also well-known for a variety of small bananas and our visit coincides with their annual "Mini-Banana Festival." 

I got a really good airfare from Phuket up to Bangkok.  We leave for the airport around 8:00 tonight and after spending one night in the capital we will catch a bus for the five-hour journey north to Kamphaeng Phet.  The trip preparations were completed last night with me helping Joy repack her suitcase and then hanging out together at Chalong Bay.  Her and a couple of her best friends just visited me at work and I'll meet up with them in a little while. 

Love is grand.  Traveling together will be even grander.


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Joy & Mark: Our First Trip Together

Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand