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Touch Down!

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I'm finally touching down courtesy of United Airlines (UA). ONe thing strikes me about UA sucks and is very lame. I don't know how they stay in business for so long. The plane I boarded is an old plane (very similar to the plane I took 10 years ago). it has a 15 inch screen TV in the aisle shared by 100 or so passengers.  Yes, 15 inch screen 30 foot from me. They should have provided a binocular to be able to see anything on the screen. and worse yet, the TV kept shaking and is so blurry, and I'm sure if I kept staring at it, I will undoubtedly vomit in no time.

And the stewardess. Yes, the beautfiul, the young and attractive ones are passe, out dated. Welcome the old and grumpy version. And I'm not making this up, they are really grumpy, they don't look happy at all, I don't think they're getting paid....

Oh back to the HDTV (Holy Dang TV) look at the picture below... and this is all I have for 13 hour

The takeoff itself is anything but smooth, when sprinting on the driveway before taking off, the plane was lifted up and down for a few minutes (yes, I'm not kidding), and you feel like you're ridding a pimped out car. Too bad they don't play rap music as soundtrack. Otherwise I will definitely feel more like a gangster.

Okay, I'm not kidding you. 4 hours before arrival, my stomach calls for food, between the first meal, which was 6 hours ago and now, they only serve me a small instant noodle, and the next meal will not be served for another 1 hour.

And I saw the flight attendant walk past me to serve the passenger behind me an additional instant noodle, so when she head back to her seat, I stop her to see whether she could get me another instant noodle as well. And to my surprise and amusement, she hesistantly said "Yes...." and quite sarcastically asked "is there anything else I can get you, perhaps a water?? so you can save me a trip".  Whoaaa,,,,my attitude-o-meter just raised to the roof, indicating that I'm dealing with a real a-hole. Then I politely replied, "no thank you, instant noodle will be enough". Isn't that amazing, that goes to proof my theory that they really don't get paid at all.

This might be the worse flight I ever had, 13 hours is equivalent to 6 hours of continuous movie. Just image if you have to sit in a tight seat for 6 straight movies. Gosh, I can't believe how horrible UA is. Please, do yourself a favor, don't board UA, by any means.


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