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Got Milk?

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Ever since I got here, we've had countless of discussions about tainted milk incident that happened here in China, some of my team members have babies, and fortunately they didn't consume chinese produced milk, but they all share the same distraught and scare
and disbelief of what could happen to their babies. This incident is really shaking everybody in CHina, there were incidents in the past that affected consumers outside of China, but this time when the incident strikes home, it really makes everybody think twice about how much is too much. To make matters worse, most parents only have one baby thanks to the one child policy imposed by Chinese government.

I was told that chinese farmers were very "creative", they were trying to include a certain chemical that is supposed to increase the amount of protein in the milk, and at a glance it does seem to increase the protein level, but if you examine that closely it's actually not the case. And this has affected nearly all milk products made in China. This is very terrible to the core, but on the bright side, I do hope that by this incident, manufacturers will realize that they cannot mess with consumers and get
away easily, trust are really hard to earned, and so easy to lose.


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