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Rome : The Capital City Of Italy

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A visit to Italy is said to be incomplete without visiting Rome. Known as the "Eternal City", Rome is home to several artistic masterpieces and marvelous architecture, museums and not forgetting monuments. Visitors will instantly be able to get a feel of the culture Rome holds by simply walking along the streets and observing Italian lifestyle. Those interested in Italian history will in particular enjoy a visit to Rome as it presents ample opportunities to discover the rich and complex layers of history of the majestic city.

The centuries of histories which have built this city can be said to begin from time of the Roman empire, extending to the Medieval, Renaissance and the modern period that we know see Rome in. Rome has much to offer for everyone, regardless of interest during your City Breaks in Rome.


Rome's coast, which has the true Mediterranean climate, doesn't experience as large temperature swings as what Rome city does. In winter, temperatures along the coast are warmer (due to the immediate influence of the sea) than inland and in Summer, temperatures along the coast are cooler than inland.The closer one gets to the Apennines the larger still can be the temperature swing in winter.

Summer is the season of more festivals and parties in Rome. You will find Romans eating, drinking and socializing in the Piazzas and cobbled alleyways of Rome.

Autumn in Rome can be quite mild. It's usually only around the beginning to middle of November that we'll start digging through our winter clothes. Until the middle of October it's usually still "dry" while the end of October and November sees the beginning of winter rains and chillier temperatures.


Rome is famous throughout the world for its beauty with a unique natural environment and historical and artistic heritage to such an extent that it is called ‘il bel Paese’(beautiful country).Although nowadays Rome pulses with the beat of all international metropolis,its people largely retain the original character,blending the new traits with the old ones.
Youngsters tend to live life in full. On one hand they get their share of "La Dolce Vita", in a most relaxed fashion. They are passionate football fans, and they love scooters - apparently reckless as Valentino Rossi, they also know when it's time to drive carefully.Romans just love gatherings and rallies.


-Don't miss the Italian pizza, which is one of Rome attractions known worldwide and also the exotic wines at the Roscioli.
- Make a trip to the Vatican Museums on the last Sunday of every month between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.
- Visit the church and pray for salvation.
- Quench your thirst with the fountain waters.
- Visit the Tempio di Adriano (Temple of Hadrian) which has been telecast in many of the Hollywood movies.
- Walk your way down to the pantheon- totally free.
-Go to the highest point in the city, Lo Zodiaco.

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Rome : The Capital City Of Italy

Rome, Italy