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Malta Tourism Information

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Malta is a Mediterranean island and coastal destination with a tradition of tourism from the UK because of its historic links with Britain.

In fact, Malta is the largest of a group of three islands. The other smaller islands are called Gozo and Comino. Together these are known as the Maltese Islands. Most tourists stay on Malta but may visit at least one of the other islands on an excursion.

Malta has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Even in the winter months days may have long periods of sunshine.
From May to October there is very little rain and temperatures become very hot. In July and August average temperatures reach over 30 degrees centigrade.

Although the summers are very hot in Malta, spring and autumn are very pleasant and the islands have a short winter. This gives Malta a very long tourist season with older visitors staying for longer periods during the cooler periods.

Natural Attractions
Malta’s coastline is characterised by rocky areas rather than sandy beaches, which are limited. However, there are some small secluded sandy beaches scattered around the islands of Malta and Gozo. Amongst the most popular are Paradise Bay and Ghadira Bay.

There are also cliffs, coves and sea caves all along the coastline. The bigger inlets have become harbours, with the biggest being the Grand Harbour in Valetta.

One of the most popular natural attractions is the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino. This is visited by many boats which offer day cruises around the Maltese islands. The Blue Lagoon is a long narrow bay with a floor which is made of pure white sand. The sea is crystal clear and the area is like a very large swimming pool.

Built Attractions
It is important to understand that Malta developed as one of the first ‘mass tourism’ destinations when tourists were less demanding than they are today. The guaranteed hot summer temperatures meant that most visitors were happy to enjoy the sunshine and warm seas during their  Holidays in Malta. Malta was very much a ‘sun, sea and sand’ destination.

Amongst these are:
• Mediterraneo Marine Park which gives visitors the opportunity to interact with a range of marine creatures.
• Splash and fun Water Park – offering a range of chutes and slides for children.
• The LWS Animal Park – an educational park with amusements.
• Sweethaven village – also known as Popeye village. This attraction was built as a set for a Popeye film some time ago and has now become a tourist attraction in its own right. A boat built for the film has been transformed into a restaurant.

Bay Street Complex – this is an area in the resort of St Julian’s which has been developed as an entertainment complex.

Events and entertainment
Each village in Malta has its own saint’s day festival or festa. These events occur over weekends and include religious parades with brass bands and firework displays. An effigy (model) of the saint is carried at the front of the parade.
Malta Nightlife and Clubbing
Malta’s nightlife is unique and exciting, with a large choice of venues in close proximity and offering a new clubbing experience from what you’re used to back home. Nightlife in Malta consists mainly of clubs concentrated nearby St. Julian’s (in the Central/North part of Malta), referred to as Paceville, and open air clubs that are particularly popular on Friday and Sunday nights.

Paceville (St. Julian’s area)
offers a wide array of clubs and bars to suit most musical tastes. All clubs are concentrated in the center of Paceville and the area’s always full of party people on weekends and radiates with energy. There’s something for everyone: trance clubs, R&B and hip-hop joints, salsa bars and alternative/rock bars.

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Malta Tourism Information

Malta, Spain