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Life Style in Berlin, Germany!

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Berlin isn't a city just for youth; it has Generation X that peacefully reclaimed the reunited city when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down in 1989.Lifestyle in Berlin pivots around the aesthetic of poverty and the innovation it begets.

Berlin is a world class city of culture, politics, and media and packed with endless sights. Berlin is known for nightlife, cafes, clubs, bars, museums, and palaces. It is capital of German and famous for its top-class architecture, modernity and a fast pace of life. Berlin is rare gem of a Western European capital, full of culture and attractions. This city is now a thriving, welcoming tourist, modern and exciting destination.

Berlin has its finger on the pulse of the times and represents the “state of the art” in every respect. This is where design, fashion, art, architecture and music all meld together. Everyone here is a DJ, artist, musician or filmmaker, usually with a second job. Giving fashionistas their fill of frills and frocks, the Berlin Fashion Week reveals the latest trends. As well as the fashion shows along open-air catwalks, days are filled with exhibitions, award shows and showrooms. Other events take place in all kinds of locations, from banks to cultural institutions and public buildings.

Berlin offers travelers to Berlin an easy and simple way to compare, whether you are looking for a cheap and affordable hotel, an exclusive and luxury hotel or just a good value for money, book hotels in and around. Berlin offers a wide selection of hotels to suit every visitor's pocket.

All in all, the traditional Berlin cuisine tends to be rustic and hearty, based on pork, goose, different types of fish, peas, beans and potatoes. Unlike the rest of Germany, Berlin pubs have never had official closing times. So, all day and all night long, pub goers drink. Besides the typical neighborhood pub, Berlin also features numerous beer gardens which are open as soon as the sun comes out for enjoyment of complete day.

Along the wide, leafy streets radiating around a green square called Kollwitzplatz, there are Italian, Spanish, and Persian restaurants.There are wine merchants, estate agents, delicatessens, bakeries and beer gardens for summer.

White Trash Fast Food
White Trash is a restaurant/bar-come-live music club that is very popular with the more rock n roll variety of Berlin hipsters. When Pink, Carl Barat or Lenny from Motor head are in town, they stop by White Trash for a beer and one of their legendary cheeseburgers and to shoot the shit with Wally, the enigmatic tattooed Texan owner who you will never catch without his cowboy hat on. Many a Berlin-band regularly play here (such as We Heart Sharks or Myriad Creatures) on the ground floor which has a pub-restaurant kind of feel and in the 'Diamond Lounge' in the basement they have indie club nights and more live shows.
tower is the tallest structure in Berlin and can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

Shopping in Berlin
Berlin has a lot in store for shopping sprees. From wickedly expensive temples of consumption overflowing with designer labels to flea and antique markets, shopping malls, bargain stores and the whole spectrum in between.

For luxury designers and international chain outlets head for Kurfürstendamm or Friedrichstrasse. For flair, trendier boutiques and hip Berlin labels browse around Mitte.

Berlin is a city in which pretty much anything goes: its avant-garde cultural scene and uber-cool clubs meld with a more laidback and unflustered cafe and bar culture. Once it’s got its hooks into you, one way or another, it rarely lets go until morning...

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Life Style in Berlin, Germany!

berlin, Germany