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Sight to See in Vibrant city of Turkey –Istanbul

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Hagia Sophia :One of the world's grandest and oldest churches, it's hard to describe the feeling of awe which the Hagia Sophia offers to visitors as they stand inside, marveling at the decoration, scope and scale of such an ancient building. The Hagia Sophia has a classical basilica plan. The main ground plan of the building is a rectangle, 230 feet (70 m) in width and 246 feet (75 m) in length. The area is covered by a central dome with a diameter of 102 feet (31 m), which is just slightly smaller than that of the Pantheon in Rome.
Blue Mosque: The Blue Mosque has fascinating secrets revealed in my travel memoir, Bright Sun, Strong Tea, and on the Magic of the Blue Mosque page. This is one of Istanbul's premier sights, and you're welcome to visit at most times of day, for free (donations gratefully received). But it's also a working mosque, so it's closed to non-worshippers for a half hour or so during the five daily prayers and may be closed for a longer time from midday on Friday, the Muslim holy day. If you are a non-Muslim visitor, you must enter by the door on the south side of the mosque (to the right as you enter from the Hippodrome. If you're entering from the Ayasofya side, the tourist entrance is on the opposite side of the mosque.)

Church of St Savior in Chora: Often overlooked because it's so far off the beaten track, for Byzantine splendor this church (also known as the Kariye Mosque or Museum) is second only to Haghia Sophia. Built in the late 11th century, its celebrated mosaics and frescoes were added when the church was remodeled in the 14th century. Depicting all manner of Christian iconography, from the Day of Judgment through to the Resurrection, the works here are arguably the most important surviving examples of Byzantine art in the world, both in terms of their execution and preservation. Ironically, this Christian art owes its excellent condition to the church's conversion to Islam in the early 16th century, when the frescoes and mosaics were covered over.

The A'jia Hotel: A distinguished boutique Hotel, A'jia is a traditional Ottoman mansion that jewels the Asian shores of the Bosphorus. With well appointed contemporary interior design, and its centuries old architecture the venue oozes trend and excitement. When you add the extraordinary attention to detail, individualized service and HIP aspect in the mix, hotel experiences is simply redefined. With its 16 rooms that feature breathtaking scenes from the Bosphorus, A'jia truly offers a private hideaway with easy access to historical and cultural attractions of the city. Contributing to overall experience of its valued guests, each room is a delight to discover as they are uniquely designed, furnished and equipped with all the latest gimmicks and amenities blending in perfectly with the timeless elegance of the 1800's.

Kariye Museum: The Kariye Museum is, after Hagia Sophia, the most important Byzantine monument in Istanbul, Turkey. After the Turkish conquest in 1453, the church remained as it is for a time, and was turned into a mosque in 1511 by addition of a minaret. Then it became a museum in 1948 and its frescoes and mosaics were cleaned. The majority of the current building was built in the late 11th century with lots of repairs and restructuring in the following centuries. It was dedicated to Christ the Savior. The interior of the building is covered with wonderful mosaics and frescoes, illustrating scenes from the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

Turkish Baths: The famous Turkish baths were actually an ancient Roman "import", by way of the Byzantine Empire. The tradition still continues today in Istanbul, with over 100 of the public baths still operating. Visitors can luxuriate in the surrounds of marble and relax after long days of sightseeing.

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Sight to See in Vibrant city of Turkey –Istanbul

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