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Fantastic holiday destination, Auckland

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If you are planning to spend some quality time in the country where nature is at its best and the options of explorations are not limited to one or two or three, but are many, then you are talking about New Zealand. Every city in this nation has something famous and worth an exploration, but Auckland is one such metropolis which for sure deserves a visit.

Auckland which is also known as the “City of Sails” and the “City of Volcanoes” is abundantly blessed by the Mother Nature. There are total of 48 volcanoes, which are all extinct now.  Located at the north island of the New Zealand, this city is famous for its beaches which are pristine and beautiful from every angle. Auckland is one of the few cities in the world to have harbors on two separate major water bodies. For those who love water sports, this city is a water Eden, which provides them with legion number of water sports options to indulge into. You can swim, surf or get tanned while lying on the golden beaches of Auckland.

Culturally, the city is an interesting amalgamation. Most of the citizens that reside here are basically the nationals of Europe, England, Ireland, Asians and Pacific Islander. Thus colors of every country can be seen in the city. If you are planning to descend to this beautiful metropolis of New Zealand during your next vacations, then book your cheap flight to AucklandAs per the frequent travelers of Auckland, this metropolis is a home of hospitality, world renowned wines and superb cuisine. Whereas, places that you can explore during your Auckland junket are Auckland War Memorial Museum, Sky Tower, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland Zoo, Kelly Tarlton's, Auckland Regional Botanic Gardens and many more.

The cit y of sails is a sheer paradise for shopping freaks. People who travel to Auckland make sure to fill their bags with all the famous stuff of this metropolis. Things are quit affordable, but the subject in whom you have to be master in is bargaining. If you know how to bargain and talk to the vendors then, be sure to either buy a new bag or take an extra one along with you, because this trip will for sure make you spend some extra from you’re your wallet. 


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Fantastic holiday destination, Auckland

auckland, New Zealand

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