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Berlin: A Fantasy Holiday Destination!

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Berlin is a world class city of culture, politics, and media and packed with endless sights. Berlin is known for nightlife, cafes, clubs, bars, museums, and palaces. It is capital of German and famous for its top-class architecture, modernity and a fast pace of life. Berlin is rare gem of a Western European capital, full of culture and attractions. This city is now a thriving, welcoming tourist, modern and exciting destination.

If there is something that Berlin can be proud of, it is its hectic nightlife. Berlin’s nights set trends around the World. Together with New York and Madrid, Berlin has become a reference point for party-goers. Berlin is in fashion! The night owls will always have a place in the German nightlife, full of offers for all tastes and wallets.

Those who already know the German capital will recognize that it is a dynamic and wild city: its out of control architecture is a clear example! Its chaotic neighborhoods give it an alternative touch to its cultural and social life. Its bars and nightclubs can also attest to this and give the city and open-mind, cosmopolitan, heterogeneous and indomitable spirit. The Berlin nightlife has resurfaced since the Wall's fall. In the German capital cabaret and techno music was born. Nowadays, it is a reference of the electronic music and the hardest sounds.

Berlin's nightlife is routinely hailed as one of the very best in Europe, if not the whole world. It’s impossible to walk more than about 50 meters in the city without stumbling across a fantastic bar, restaurant, café or club.

Bar-hopping within the various areas is simple and probably the best way to explore the city. Whilst the whole of Berlin throbs with a high-octane nightlife scene, if you try to take too much of it in at once, you may find you’ve spread yourself a little too thinly.

Nightlife in the smarter Western Berlin is divided into a handful of main areas. As a general rule, prices in the west tend to be slightly higher, a reflection of the old economic gap between the Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg offers an up market party scene for affluent pleasure-seekers; Kreuzberg has its fair share of punks, political activists and alternative types; Winterfeldplatz attracts a slightly more mature crowd, and has a more tranquil pace.

The eastern part of the city is home both to a number of more intimate and studiously scruffy bars and a handful of more modern cafés and restaurants. Friedrichshain, particularly, contains a clutch of seriously trendy bars and clubs.

But it’s the north of the city center, in Prenzlauer Berg (Prenzl'berg for short), that’s really not to be missed. Here, some of the household names of the Berlin scene can be found alongside countless well-established bars and clubs.

The area’s seen a fair bit of gentrification in recent years – where once there were punk garrets, now a host of up market restaurants holds sway. But this part of town still offers some wildly decadent clubs and music venues that are open well into the early hours.

Berlin is a city in which pretty much anything goes: its avant-garde cultural scene and uber-cool clubs meld with a more laidback and unflustered cafe and bar culture. Once it’s got its hooks into you, one way or another, it rarely lets go until morning...

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