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Jim Corbett- An abode of Bengal Tigers

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Animals have been a topic of interest since past many years. People spend their whole life to study them, study their nature, their habits etc. and, when it is about the wild ones who bring goose bumps on your skin with their one appearance, it becomes the matter of high pursuit. For such travelers who love exploring more and more about wild ones, Jim Corbett National Park is a perfect place to define their passion more accurately. Corbett has been a stalk for tourists and wildlife lovers since 1921, when the park was actually established with the name of Hailey National Park.

In your Jim Corbett tours you would get to confabulate with around 33 different species of reptiles, 7 different species of fish, 7 different species of amphibians and 37 different species of dragonflies. The one which interests a lot is the royal Bengal Tiger. While when it comes to flora of the park, this huge territory hosts almost 488 different types of species of Plants.

People from across the world descend here to spot the best tiger population and some of the subtle animals which are hard to see normally. Because this park emcees more than 70,000 visitors every year, many alleviating facilities are available inside the Corbett’s territory. Many canteens and resorts are settled here, which makes it easier for you to live for at least a couple of days. Some shops are also settled nearby canteen area, from where you can shop for souvenirs and books as a memory of this famous and beautiful National Park.

Hiring a guide is the best option to know deeply about the Corbett, because it is next to impossible to explore the land area of 520.8 km2 on your own, without getting lost on those dusty narrow paths. Local guides here are very expert and know the whole jungle very well. They help you out by sharing their knowledge and make it easier for you to spot wild cats closely. If, you have this unlike kind of passion for wild species or you want to try out this adventure, then Jim Corbett National Park is the best place to get down to. 


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Jim Corbett- An abode of Bengal Tigers

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