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Ecuador Holidays is Great Anytime of the Year

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When planning a trip to Ecuador remember that there are only two seasons throughout the country. So as a visitor you will have to decide whether you want to go during the rainy or dry season. Though if you plan on doing Ecuador tours with the family, the seasons should not determine when you come to this great country. That is because even during the rainy season the sun is still shining brightly for most of the day. So no matter when Ecuador tours is on the schedule for a family visit make sure that everyone knows they will have a good time during the trip.

Most people who visit Ecuador have a love for nature because it is known to have unique animals and plants. When visiting Ecuador make sure to visit the largest rainforest in the world called the Amazon Rainforest. This rainforest contains native animals and plants that only exist in Ecuador. Anyone who enjoys nature knows how rare it is to find anything living that just exists in one small area of the world. The most pleasant thing that the nature seekers will find in the rainforest is that the animals are not apprehensive about humans coming into their environment.

Since everyone who visits Ecuador does not have a love for nature, there are other things to do as well that involve just having a good time with the natives. As a visitor you will be sure to find some type of celebration going on in the village of Pintag. This rural village is known throughout the country for their lively colors that the natives wear during a time of celebration. Whether it is a street party or parade, you can be certain to see the native’s wearing colorful masks and clothing. To dress in bright clothing during celebration just makes the party more exciting to everyone who is participating. Ecuador may be a small country, but it has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to visit and have a good time.


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