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Luxurious Tours to India

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India is one of the oldest countries in the world. Its history is replete with many enchanting stories about kings and imperials. The impingement of these big rulers can still be seen everywhere in India. Luxury is since then deep rooted in Indian culture.

If anybody seeks out to spend few days lavishly, the only names that strikes to his mind is India. India is a country, where everything is in abundance. Be it its culture, past, religions, nature’s blessing or gastronomy options. This land has much to offer to its visitors. Natural beauty of India is a delight to eyes. Travelers can enjoy beach side relaxation, go out on shopping at famous markets of the country, choose their accommodation from one of the ancient palaces which has now been turned out into luxurious five star hotels and can get colored in the festivities of different religions on their trip to India.

Hospitality services in India are based on the famous slogan – ‘Guest is equal to God’. Thus visitors hither enjoy world class cordial reception.  At some places guests are welcomed by gifting them with floral Garlands and by putting kumkum on their forehead, which is a long old tradition of welcoming a guest. Even the transportation facilities are converted to a luxurious means of communication. Yes, some special trains are also availed by the Indian Government to promote tourism and luxury at the same level. You can choose among Palace on wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, and Maharaja Express, to travel luxuriously. Every moment spent here in India is enjoyable and memorable, if you want to confabulate one such tour, then you can book your luxury tour to India.

Unity in Diversity is the core mantra of people living here. People of different religions and cultures reside here together in Harmony. Thus, you would get to witness different colors, different traditions, different festivals and different customs on your trip to India. People, who descend to this country, visit here again and again because of the spell binding attractions that keep calling them once again. Be it your first visit to the country or the second, India makes sure to darn you with the most memorable moments of your life time which you can cherish for long. 


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Luxurious India

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