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Life on a Farm

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As some of you may know I have been living and working on a farm in the middle of Western Australia for the past 2 months or so. To be able to work in Australia for another year you have to do 3months worth of regional work, so I have ended up on a farm in the middle of nowhere! There is a town about 20 mins away that has a shop, a pub, a closed down café, a closed down butchers and a post office that is actually open!! Everyone knows each other, what they had for breakfast and what they are going to do tomorrow so in a way its a bit like Aber!!

I am living with a family on their farm. They have 3 kids, an 8 year old, 10 year old and a 13 year old who is away at boarding school most of the time. The dad works 2 weeks away on a mine and is then back for a week off. The mum owns the pub in the town and cooks there 6 nights a week. I got the job as a farm hand that would kick a few footballs with the kids every now and again but it has turned into much more than that!!

My job is basically to work on the farm during the day with the Grandad who comes up every morning, and then look after the kids and the puppy in the afternoons, after school and then all day on the weekends.  Working on the farm is good fun. I’ve learnt how to drive a tractor with forks on the front and back and how to use a bucket. I’ve put up and taken down what seems like miles of fences, fixed and put in new gates, laid a new water pipe, driven around on quads herding sheep. I’ve wrestled sheep and rams to get them tagged and their ears clipped. On one of the days we sold some sheep I had to stand on top of a huge lorry and help the crazy driver throw some sheep over a 3 meter gap that had a drop the height of a two storey house! I’ve learnt quite a lot of cool things that hopefully someday maybe will come in handy! If anyone ever needs a wire fence put up or has a sheep wandering around your garden that needs catching, I’m your man!….maybe!

Looking after the kids and the puppy has also taught me a lot! I have learnt that I will NEVER have a dog! They cant walk in a straight line, they have to walk across your path or between your legs, they don’t clean themselves and they hate baths but love dirty puddles so they stink, they eat everything except the food you buy them, they chew and wreck everything except the toys you buy them, they sleep when you want them to be awake, they are awake when you want them to sleep, you put them outside to go to the toilet and they don’t go but as soon as they get inside they start decorating, they follow you when you don’t want to be followed and they run away when you want them to come! And guess what they get away with it all because they are cute! Man’s best friend?? Yeah right probably because that man cant get any other friends!! So as you can probably tell looking after the dog has been entertaining. The kids aren’t great with it so I guess that hasn’t helped because quite often I’m having to prize the dogs jaws from around a kids wrist or ankle! Its been a challenge looking after the kids I would say, fitting into a different way of life and things but after I finish this stint on the farm I think I should be qualified to do any job!!

A few times a week I take the kids into the pub in town and we have a meal and things there so I have been able to get to know a few of the locals and the two Dutch barmaids that work there. They are all really cool and I managed to have a day off with one of the girls when a couple of locals took us to Perth to watch an AFL game. It was good to get away and see a bit of civilization! I’ve got just about a month left to do now on the farm and then I will head back to Perth and see what happens from there!

I hope you are all well and enjoying what of a summer you have back at home, its winter here and usually around 20 degrees and blue skies. Hope you feel for me! :P…. Sorry haha!


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Auzzy, Auzzy, Auzzy!!

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