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Melbourne via Adelaide for some reason!

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Alritey there long long time no speak!! Sorry about that didnt realise I hadnt posted anything for a while! Ooops! So I'm going to try and remember some highlights or bits of what I have done since Sydney......


So....I left Sydney after what felt too long of doing nothing and having no money! Christine, Nikki and I decided to get a car relocation and drive to Adelaide to see if we could get some work there. On the way to Adelaide we stopped at a beautiful place called Wagga Wagga which is full really cool people.....WRONG! We went out for some food in the town and then drove back to the motel, as we were driving back into the car park we passed some guy stumbling down the street with blood pouring down his face. We thought it was a bit unusual for that kind of scene at 9pm but it got even wierder the next minute when the Police pulled us over. They breathalised Nikki and asked what we were doing in the area, we told them we were just staying the night in the Motel. Apparently this wasnt a 5star, top rated motel because the Police told us that we should get our bags from the room and leave because it was not safe for us to stay there!! NUTS! So yeah that was eventfull! We managed to find some dusty old hotel right in the town that was ok in the end!

We got to Adelaide and returned the car after we checked into a decent safe motel at like 12am. Adelaide is a cool city but quite quiet and not that big really. We half heartedly looked for work but there wasnt much going really so after a couple of days moving around Motels and doing not much we decided to get another car-relocation to Melbourne. I got a bus to the airport to pick the car up, we had no clue what we were getting so I had a nice suprise to see a 1 and a half tonne van waiting for me!! I rocked up to the hostel to pick the girls up and we set off to Melbourne in this huge van! It was class! Christine kept making us stop to go to McDonald's but we got to Melbourne about 9 hours later after a lot of games of would you rather etc etc.


Melbourne is a really cool city and there are lots of things to do there. Not sure why it isn't the capital to be honest! There's loads of sporting events, concerts and arty stuff always going on and there is a good vibe about the place. We stayed in a hostel there for around 2months I think. Andrew and Amanda came down from Sydney to stay there to which was cool.

I got a job pretty quickly as a car detailer at East Coast Car Rentals. I only just about got it though because I was told to go meet the boss at some random place about 30mins from the city, I said I would be fine getting my own way there but Google Directions kind of let me down! I got a train, then a bus, then walked about 3 miles and ended up having to call her to say I didnt have a clue where I was! Luckily she was ok and came to pick me up, but I guess it wasnt the best start!! When I started my job is was put with a Chinese guy called Chan or Chatty Chan as we nicknamed him. I didnt have a clue what he was saying half the time but got the hang of it with some sign language and a lot of nodding my head and agreeing. So the first few days I was there I ended up being the shuttle bus driver for the company! I would take customers to the airport for them to catch their flight then pick up new customers who had just flown in. I never thought I'd be a taxi driver but it was class!! I had to laugh to myself when I picked probably my second guy up and he said "you been busy?" followed not long after by "what time you working till??"" Haha! Anyway that was cool and I met a lot of cool people in my bus! After a week or so the company finally got more staff so I started to work in the city branch with Dom a cool German guy. We would wash, maintain and fix any fixable problems on the cars. The best part of the job was driving and parking the cars. We would go on hour long trips driving the cars accross the city and in the depot we would have to park around 18 cars in this one back room! I did scratch and bump a few cars here and there at first (sshhh no one knows!) but after a while I think my parking is now pretty good, rekon if you opened your mouth I could park two in their easily!


The job was pretty easy but I worked long hours so I was really busy for a couple of months. I did manage to squeeze in a few nights out, a day at the World Water Skiing and Wake Boarding Championships (which was awesome!!), I went to watch an AFL game (wierd sport!), a Rugby Union game (better!), got food posoning from Mc Donald's with my mate Stephen and some other cool things. Inbetween all of this aswel I worked at the Australian Grand Prix! Andrew, Amanda, Nikki, Christine and I all got jobs for the 4 days of the Grand Prix. It was a great experience and something to be part of! I was working as Event Staff on the Schumacher stand which was on the last chicane before the final straight! I basically stood and checked tickets and answered any questions. The good thing was that most people went for the whole 4 days and after the first day I recognised them and they knew where they were sitting so I could just stand and watch the races and events!! One thing I didnt realise was how loud those cars are!! Unreal!! It was a great 4 days and managed to see a lot of things I have never seen before!

While I was in Melbourne I met a lot of cool people and even managed to catch up with Ed Jenks and Sana from uni which was awesome! Such a small world! I finally thought I had saved enough money and the weather was starting to get cold (20 degrees or so) so I decided to move on and carry on my adventure...........


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