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Sydney, Sydney and more Sydney

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Sydneyyyyy!!! So I arrived in Sydney after my free lift up about 10pm at night. I traipsed through town with my bags to find the hostel. It was bang in the middle of the city and hard to find because the first 2 floors were bars!! I had to queue with my bags with a load of people going into the bar to get past the bouncer and then check in at the bar!! It was pretty mental for a hostel! Anyway the next day was Christmas Eve so I walked around a bit of Sydney got myself some sunglasses then went to meet Catherine the Irish girl I’d met in New Zealand in surprise,  surprise  an Irish Bar!! It was great to catch up and then I met the English crew I’d met in New Zealand to! Everyone was in Sydney for Christmas!

Christmas day was obviously the weirdest Christmas day I’ve had. It was a great day but didn’t really feel like Christmas. I spent the day on Bronte beach with my mate Griff who was my manager in the Academy in Aber and his friends including: Lowri who is also from Aber area, her husband Dave from Llanfyllin area and Steve and Leila from Liverpool. Crazy how its such a small world! There was a good bunch of us and we had a good laugh. Shrimp, Sausages, burgers, lamb and chicken on the barby the whole lot!! It was what I thought an Australian Christmas day would be like, beach, barby and beers. In the evening we went back to Lowri and Dave’s and played articulate, ate mince pies and had some Bucks Fizz. That was the most Christmasy I had felt and it was nice to be with people from home.


On boxing day I went to meet my English friends I had met in New Zealand who were also in Sydney for Christmas and New Year. James, Sophie, Alice, Meg, David and their friend Ben. We did a secret santa and they obviously were good judges of character because I got a NERF (rocket type throwing thing!) Anyway they were staying in this amazing apartment in the outskirts. We chilled there then James, Ben and I went to a bbq at Griffs house then went out. We had a great night the first proper night out in Sydney.

Over the next few days between Christmas and New Year I went fishing by the Opera House and caught a red snapper and a black cod with Griff and Dave, went to Manly beach, went fishing again, had some apple pie and turkey flavour ice cream, went to the Blue Mountains with Griff, Steve and Leila and then went on an eventful night out with Griff and his mate. I don’t think I spent more than 8 hours at a time in my hostel I was hardly there which was a good thing as it wasn’t great. I was so lucky to have Griff already here in Sydney and the English crew so I had plenty to do and people to hang around with!

New Years Eve….. I went to the ZOO!!! Griff and a few of his mate planned to go to the Zoo so I decided I’d go with them. It was a bit random and yet again someone from Aber joined us that I worked with in Academy! Crazy! We took a load of food and snuck some drink in and set up for the evening on a patch of grass that looked out over to the Opera House and Harbour bridge. It was a boiling hot day and we had a great spot for the fireworks. The atmosphere was a bit low key because it was all old people and families but because I was with a bunch of scousers  it was a good laugh!! We ran around taking stupid photographs and tried to get meet a few animals!The fireworks were the best I have ever seen, they didn’t disappoint! They went on forever and they were all across the city it was amazing! We partied with a live band for a while and then headed back into the city where it was carnage! I had a great New Years Eve and am so lucky to have spent it in Sydney, fair play they do it well!

Since New Year I went away to the Blue Mountains with Catherine and her friend Louise for a few days which was really good. We did a lot of hiking, stood under waterfalls, saw some breath taking views and met some cool people. Louise plays the fiddle and is awesome on it, so a load of musicians got together so they could have a jam while she was in the there, it was great to chill and listen to them, they were really good. We met a few of the musicians and a couple of them took us out the following day to some less touristy sights and walks! It was really cool of them and probably made the trip.


I went back to Sydney and have been there until now. I have been living in a number of hostels going around with Nicki and Christine and meeting up with my friend from Scotland, Andrew and his friend Amanda. We’ve been having a great time and done some random things. Hopefully I’m not turning too Scottish though! I have met a lad called James from Bala so we are keeping the Welsh spirit going and correcting the Scottish on their stupid terms and language! Anyway we have done loads including: been to a free Music Festival which was a right laugh saw Manu Chao who was awesome, been to a lot of beaches, museums and art galleries, seen a lot of fireworks, saw a Chinese New Year Parade, went to a music festival for Australia day and saw Kasabian, Kanye West, Tony Hawk and Nero to name a few, been on a road trip in an Audi A3 to Melbourne for a job interview for the Grand Prix and had a run in with a biker gang, watched two Twenty20 Cricket matches, made a lot of food,  had a few barrby’s and played a lot of cards!

We’re now in need of some work so planning to head to Adelaide or Melbourne for our next adventures, will keep you posted and hopefully be more organised so not so long next time! Hope you are all well at home and had a great Christmas and New Year even though it feels ages away already!.... Happy Easter!!xx


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