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Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio Overview

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Tuscany, umbria, and Lazio are amazing regions in Italy. The rolling hills of Umbria, the Seaside of Tuscany, the Coliseum of Lazio. I had a wonderful time here. I had been to Rome (Lazio) and Tuscany several times before, but never to Umbria. Umbria is a vey nice experience if you are into "Medieval" History and Culture. Lazio (being where the Roman Empire was founded) has more of a Classical, Ancient theme. Tuscany also has more of a Medieval theme, but is very famous for its landscape, scenery, and beaches. It is also one of Italy's largest regions, and tourism, after perhaps agriculture is the main industry. It offers many tours to different islands, such as the nearby Isola d'Elba, where Napoleon was imprisoned, and L'Isola Giglio, where the Costa Concordia sank, which is the largest cruis ship ever to sink, whch also sank on Friday the 13th for those who are Superstitious. Rome is always beautiful, being one of Europe's oldest cities, as well as by far one of the most historical. It has hundreds of monuments which many were copied and built in other cities, such as the Victory Column and L'Arco di Tito, which were build in Paris as well. I would definetly recommend not only Rome, but to visit all of Italy, which in my opnion is the most beautiful, diverse country in Europe. 


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Rome Summer 2011

Rome, Punta Ala, Orvietto, Spoleto, Italy