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Cuba - Hotel Sol Rio De Luna Y Mares

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This really was a great holiday. We did loads of great things everyday, there was never a dull moment and the best thing for me was the drinking age is 16 hehe! Well we went on a few trips which includes swimming with dolphins, which I would recommend to anyone, the catamaran, I would recommend you take lots of suncream, and we went snorkeling. These were fabulous trips and they were really cheap. We also went to a few markets where they sell local goods. In a lot of places, the people do come to you a lot and ask if you want to buy things, but it wasnt that bad here. I was able to barter easily as well for things which was good. Anyway, on some of our trips we met some young school children who we were able to give pencils and paper to. It was so amazing, the looks on their faces when we gave them things made me want to cry because they were so happy to have just a small thing.

The weather was great everyday it was just sun sun sun sun sun, however it did rain one day for about 2 minutes and that was it! Everyday we managed to make time to go to the beach, go swimming in the pool and do archery and rifeling which we got crtificates for if we won. Anyway, as you can see, there is plenty to do in the day, but what about the night? Well in the evening the beach party comes into the hotel and gathers everyone to go to the beach and do dancing and competitions and tricks of all different kinds. It really is an amazing sight. If you dont fancy this, there are a few shows on in the Luna hotel and in the Mares Hotel that you can watch. They are allways different and allways entertaining.

The meals are really nice too. They have things like cereal, pancakes and omlettes for breakfast, an open buffet for lunch and an open buffet for dinner, but, of course, you can leave the hotel and eat at the many resaurants in the towns close by.


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Guardelavaca, Cuba