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Maharaja's Express Tours to India

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India and its long association with kings and maharaja’s is not a myth. Its reality can be seen via huge palaces and castles that are standing tall till the date and royal touch in everything that subsists in the country today. The best way to experience the luxury which is deep rooted in Indian culture is to plan a luxury train tour to India.


When people were not even aware of what royalty is all about, Indians were living in this lavish style every day. With whatever antediluvian richness and affluent past we are left with, it makes India a hotspot for exotic luxury tourism. With the introduction of new lavish concept of travelling in the year 1982 with first luxury train of India, ‘Palace on Wheels’ has given a whole new concept and meaning to travelling.  Luxury trains are special trains which are designed peculiarly to render an opulent train ride to the descenders of the nation and make them aware about our richness in history, heritage and lifestyle. Royal India tours make sure to leave a lasting impression of great Indian heritage in the mind of visitors.

Palace on Wheels is not the only train which takes Indian tourism to new heights. Many other trains have also been started in the following years, like- Deccan Odyssey, Rajasthan on wheels, Fairy Queen and The Indian Chariot. Your princely Indian tours can never said to be completed without taking a ride on these royal trains. Enigmatically beautiful and astonishingly magnificent India has lot to offer when it comes to leaving an everlasting impression on people’s mind about its surprisingly lavish acculturation and to discover the same no other transportation alternatives can beat heritage train tours of India.

Who doesn’t want to live a life King Size? Though it is not possible in today’s world of inflammation, but some hours is not that impossible.  During your hours of travelling in these luxury trains, you will be treated as a Maharaja or Maharani of ancient times. Seven star hospitality services inside the train will never make you realize that you are in any ways less than those ancient rulers. So, plan up your luxury trip to India soon and get to experience this diverse nation in an imperial way. 



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Maharaja's Express Tours to India

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