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Quintessential Asian Capital- Bangkok

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Bangkok is the city which brings an image of fun, pleasure and adventure to one’s mind, just by its thought. It is the proud capital of Thailand and the largest one too. Stated as an Alpha Global city, this metropolis has immense impact on global politics, fashion and culture, globally.

Bangkok is a place for sheer holiday fun. No other city can beat this metropolis when it comes to holiday hassle free and tension less. People who want to holiday while lying down on the white sandy beaches or while doing shopping like freaks prefer visiting Bangkok as their perfect holiday destination. Multitudinous peaceful temples, beautiful amusement parks, museums and shopping complexes, make sure to give you a pleasurable and unique experience. In the local language of Thailand, i.e. in Thai language locals call Bangkok as Kurng Thep, which when translated to English terminology means the ‘city of Angeles’. Blessed tremendously by Mother Nature, this city has picturesque sights, serene parks, and natural places to dig into. 

By keeping the high rising tourism industry of Bangkok in mind, many flight services providers are facilitating their customers with cheap Bangkok flight tickets. Though a little bit crowded, yet beamish metropolis magnetizes people from across the world. You can also spend some time while dining at the famous cruises at the Chao Phraya River.  Even staying here is not very expensive. Many hotels, motels and guest houses here provide best hospitality services, without exceeding your budget limits.

Phuket, which is widely celebrated because of its ceaseless beaches and fun filled life, is couple of hour away from Bangkok city. People of diverse cultures together make this island. Buddhists, Thai-Chinese and Muslims are the most common ones and can be found everywhere in the island. Diving, yachting, swimming, snorkeling, jet-skiing and parasailing are the most popular activities which you can try during your stay at Phuket.

Bangkok is a city full of life. Over the last few decades, this capital city of Thailand has changed into an advanced, innovative, stimulating and sophisticated urban center. Despite of being a cosmopolitan city of twenty first century, this metropolis has kept its unique culture and heritage intact within its today’s lifestyle, which can be easily witnessed during your stay at Bangkok. If you have any plans to visit this mesmerizing city then be sure to take out at least a week’s time from your daily rustic schedule to enjoy the every adroitness and charm that this city serves its descenders with. 


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Quintessential Asian Capital- Bangkok

bangkok, Thailand