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Gratifying Holidays at Addis Ababa

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Bring down to the capital and largest city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.  Blessed with legion of worth seeing sights and tranquil environment, this city makes a perfect holiday spot. Addis Ababa is a diverse metropolis, more than 80 languages are spoken here and total of 80 nationalities domicile here together in concordance.

Addis Ababa is a hub for social, economical and political heart of Africa, but that doesn’t means that it has nothing exciting or entertaining to serve you with. Many people descend here every year for vacations, as this bustling city has enough for everybody to spend a quality time with their family and friends. Varied from every aspect, from its culture to its dishes and from its people to its architecture, Addis Ababa promises to hold its visitor till the last day of his visit. Situated at the foot hills of the Entoto Mountains this city bids plenteous adventurous sports to adventure freaks who decide to holiday here.

This metropolis has ability to amuse its visitors with its natural and organic beauty. And especially the first time visitor gets magnetizes to the charm of Addis Ababa and wishes to visit it again and again. Hither you will find millions or reasons to enjoy and loosen up yourself. You can visit Ethiopian National Museum, St George's Cathedral, Shengo Hall, Menelik's old Imperial Palace and many more to know the cities diverse culture more closely. If you are planning to dig into this city on your next vacations then need not to concern as many Addis Ababa flights daily. 


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Gratifying holidays at Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia