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California We Love You ... xoxo

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Relaxation day - thank goodness!
Breakfast was delivered to the room ... out on the balcony overlooking the pacific .. bliss.
We headed into Laguna on foot  ... lots of English living here by the sounds of voices in stores. Taylor found an amazing sweet shop specialising in Taffy but they had every sweet and chocolate bar imaginable ... including Cadburys!! We are really missing proper sweet chocolate!
We headed back to the hotel so the kids could swim and I could listen to the Spurs game on digital radio (loving 21st century life!) then we jumped in the car to grab some lunch and head up the coast. Found great burritos - even Taylor had one and liked it! Hayley found a handbag boutique with 2nd hand designer bags . I say 2nd hand but they had actually never been used most of them. They get purchased by rich SoCal wives and never used and then traded in or sold on. Hayley loved 3 or 4 of the bags but was very good in the end!
We headed back to the beach for the afternoon and made an island of Sandcastles.
Evening time was soon upon us so back to the Malls for some last minute gifts and momentos from the area. 
We leave early early tomorrow as we are dropping luggage to Anaheim then doing a Uturn and driving back to San Diego for a split day of LegoLand in the morning and then San Diego Zoo in the afternoon/evening. Then we are on the last leg of this amazing trip. 4 nights in Anaheim with 3 days in Disney and California Adventure including NYE in Disney and the amazing fireworks!
If you dont hear from us its only as we may not have WiFi but we have been really lucky so far in all the hotels we have stayed in!
Graham if you don't hear from us don't forget to pick us up on the 2nd!! Terminal 3 Heathrow we are coming in around 12.30 lunchtime on the 2nd so head for around 1.15pm please!!


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Farrow Family USA Trip

San Diego, USA