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Universally Christmas Day

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Boys fortunately didn't wake up too early but maybe because they had already had their main Xmas gifts last week - they both got an iPod Touch - we gave them to them early so they would perhaps behave on the journeys... (I did say perhaps!) Anyway they opened the rest of their gifts - fortunately Santa knew where we were and Max got the Cookie Monster he asked Santa for yesterday at The Grove... man that Santa works fast...
We headed out at 8.30 to Universal Studios it was semi quiet when we got there but filling up fast. We headed straight to the Simpsons ride - the busiest of them all. We only had a 10 minute wait but at the end of the day the wait was 90 minutes!!!
We then took the Back Lot tour which was amazing - seeing the scenes of Back To The Future, Bruce Almighty, Desperate Housewives and a special show by The Who's of Whoville.
After the tour we took the Jurassic Park ride a soaking wet adventure ending with an 84 ft drop... Hayleys favourite.. NOT!
We then headed back up to the Upper Lot and the boys went to play in Curious George World which was a stupid idea as basically its just throwing buckets of water over each other - they were soaked .. Shorts and Tshirts dried quickly but the hoodies are still drying now (9am boxing day!)
We then saw Shrek 4D which was cool, terminator 2-3D also cool, the Animal Actors show which was amazing and we ended with a Grinchmas Special which was really nice.
We met The Grinch, Spongebob, Curious George, Scooby Doo, Some bloke from The Mummy, Beetlejuice, The Simpsons, The Lorax, Diego from Dora, and a load of Who's.
Great way to spend Christmas !!!
We then ended the night partying down on Sunset Boulevarde at the Sunset Ranch Chop House which has a mechanical Rodeo bull in the middle of the restaurant!! We all lucking avoiding it!!
Merry Christmas again everyone!


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