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Hills, Malibu, Rodeo, Staples, and TGIs

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We decided to do our own bit of touring the stars houses after yesterdays bus tour...
Hayley jumped on the interweb and found a few addresses. We headed out to Hollywood first and went over to Drew Barrymore's house - she wasn't in though so we moved on .. next on the list was Jessica Alba.. This suited me because then at least I could compare her house with Jennifer Aniston's before deciding which of the two I should move in with..
From Jessica's (or as I call her Jess) we went to a movie idol's pad.. Hayley thinks she saw him in a Bentley coming down Tigertail Drive as we were going up. The picture is the one with 615 on the big gate uploaded today. It is the house of the one and only Jim Carrey.
From Brentwood we headed over to the coast to do Malibu Beach.. It was creeping up to 21 degrees at 11am - lovely
The beach and the pacific was awesome - imagine Clevedon on a beautiful day and then multiply it by infinity and thats what you get. Absolutley B-E-A-Utiful as Jim would say
Boys had a play on the beach and then we headed back to find another stars house in the hills of Topanga. We eventually found it - it wasn't that impressive - in fact it was on a condo block but then again Lauren Conrad is only a reality star and I imagine she has other homes in LA. It was a great drive up the winding mountain roads though so well worth it.
From here we headed back to Rodeo Drive- we hit some traffic but its weird here its always moving rather than standstill.
The shops were amazing and there are paparazzi on pretty much each street corner - we didn't see anyone we recognised but then this is America and there are so many famous and rich people here - especially in Beverly Hills!
Check out the Bugatti Veyron belonging to Bijon the store on Rodeo.
From BH we headed back to LA downtown.
I wanted to see the Dodgers Stadium but you can't get in even for pics - its in its own little town up on a hill overlooking LA.
So we went to Staples Center from here and had a wander around LA Live - We could of got Lakers tickets but they only had two pairs in separate areas and also we weren't sure the kids would of really appreciated it..
It was getting dark now so we shot down to Santa Monica Pier to check it all out - beautiful at night but pretty run down by day! Saw Bubba Gump's Shrimp Restaurant - (see Forrest Gump for details)
Dinner time - we went to a 'pretty different' area of LA as we were looking for a TGI Fridays ... Turned out it was owned by Magic Johnson which was pretty cool. I don't mean this in a bad way but we were the only white people in the restaurant - but there was never any issue and it was a really nice evening and for once a good meal from TGI's.
We headed back to Beverly Hills from Crenshaw and got an early night for once !! about 9.30pm!
We're off to do some Xmas shopping tomorrow - pics at Fox Studios - and Hayley is going riding up to the Hollywood sign - whilst the boys and I do some washing!!


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